Sarjan Consultants: A 50- Year Old Legacy of Providing Aesthetic & Safe Structural Designs

Siddharth R. Desai,   CEOStructural designing is an inherent component of any building, and structural designing services provide a deep understanding of the strength and stability of the structures. It involves analysis of gauging whether a design can withstand the imposed forces adequately. A good structural design pays attention to aesthetics, economics, environment and construct ability. Structural designers need to make strategic structural calculations that get approved by building regulation, making a building that can last safely in its SERVICE PERIOD.

Expertly positioned in this space are SARJAN Consultants with their 50 year old legacy of providing the best in structural designing services to their clients. They have completed nearly 30,000 projects till date, including more than 3000 high rise buildings. As one of the oldest service providers for structural design solutions in Western Gujarat, they have superior expertise and vast experience in structural design of residential, corporate, commercial, industrial, institutional, entertainment and religious projects. SARJAN Consultants is aptly considered as one of the leaders in India in the use of sophisticated technology as well as advanced designing fundamentals and was the first office in Gujarat to use CAD. With a strong record of providing economical,
viable and optimal structural designs across projects of all sizes and types, SARJAN Consultants ensures that they take a very personal approach to every project that enables them to provide better and faster design solutions.

At the heart of it, SARJAN Consultants are experts in providing homes to people, a requirement that never goes out of demand, making it one of the best industries to work in. Under the current government leadership, construction has seen a boom in the country and is driving massive growth. According to Siddharth R. Desai, CEO " What differentiates us from other market players is that we involve the principle consultants of the office in all projects. All projects are looked into personally by the heads of office. It doesn't happen that once a project comes into the office, the principles are not involved. The principles are involved at every single stage of the project which helps us come to fast and accurate decisions. That makes problem solving very quick". SARJAN Consultants are also often called in for disaster management projects where they are consulted to help clear damages faster and even save lives.

SARJAN Consultants ensures that they take a very personal approach to every project that enables them to provide better and faster design solutions

With clients, one of the major challenges that SARJAN Consultants has to deftly handle is the balance between construction costs and architectural requirements. It takes their innate expertise to have a safe and efficient design that does not compromise on safety and which also is financially viable for the client. Balancing economy and safety is something they expertly deal with everyday, without compromising on the architectural design requirements.

In the future, SARJAN Consultants would like to spread their 50-year old acquired knowledge with others as they believe in knowledge sharing. They are also hopeful that they can come up with an easily accessible platform where problems can be shared and solutions can be provided easily. With the construction industry experiencing a massive boom SARJAN Consultants are looking forward to designing efficiently while using natural resources responsibly, a factor that gives them a very strong edge.