Search Bourne Consulting: Re-Engineering HR Analytics to Drive Business Growth

Suraj Narain,Founder & Managing Director

Suraj Narain

Founder & Managing Director

Executive Search for a long time now has been attempted by several Indian players, and they have made hay while the industry was growing. When the market slumped and started taking a different shape, many players struggled to deliver results. In this ever-changing environment, spotting leadership skills early, mapping the candidates against the culture of the client’s organization and ensuring long-term commitment became crucial.

Understanding this much better than any other competitors in the space, Pune-based Search Bourne Consulting is currently adapting and evolving to new assessment methodologies, technologies, platforms and requirements of the industry. At the same time, their hiring models are efficient and flexible. Suraj Narain, Founder & Managing Director, Search Bourne Consulting, explains, “We operate like extended arms of our clients in the market with great agility and precision. We partner with the best and give them the best results
in a sustained manner. Our core values talk about being 'growth driver' for our clients, and we believe that by assisting our clients in identifying the best talent would pave for stable growth”.

"Smitten by innovation, Search Bourne Consulting is coming up with a revolutionary product powered by Machine Learning"

Search Bourne Consulting to the Rescue
Suraj has worked with various companies like Cafe Coffee Day, Landmark Group, Genpact, and Accenture for more than 17 years. During his tenure, what surprised him the most was the lack of professionalism and accuracy and this was the stepping stone for Search Bourne Consulting. “I could sense a gap, which was the need of the industry of a player that can bring high-quality precision work at a cost, which was acceptable,” asserts Suraj.

In fact, Suraj’s experience with global players taught him some of the best practices that have helped him in creating a model that is highly acceptable in the industry. “One cannot ignore the cost angle while operating in the Indian market and we are quite sensitive to this aspect as well,” says Suraj.

Founded in 2014, the journey of Search Bourne Consulting has been a roller-coaster ride. “We knew our model would work, and hence we stuck to it,” avers Suraj. In terms of acquiring the business, the company has had an exceptional growth.
“My network in HR Fraternity helped me acquire some top-notch clients. Our struggle has been to stabilize the delivery engine, which today to a large extent has gained robustness and sustainability,” he adds.

Specialized in Niche Market Recruiting
In a short span of time, starting from actuarial science, cloud, IoT, the block chain, data science, advanced analytics, credit research, investment banking,e-Payments and web technologies, Pune-based Search Bourne Consulting has been able to service markets of U.S., UK, Dubai, Africa, Singapore, and the Philippines. Excited about the transformation, Suraj says “In our short journey of last one year, we have expanded to Bangalore and looking at Hyderabad, NCR and the U.S. as the next locations.”

Few of their clients include Infosys, TCS, Induslnd Bank, Bajaj Allianz, Genpact, WNS, Olam, Mahindra Group, Hero Group, Viacom 18, VISA and others.

Smitten by innovation, Search Bourne Consulting is coming up with a revolutionary product powered by Machine Learning, which offers next age features and solutions to businesses. This is going to be a game changer in the industry. Also, the company provides full cycle campus consulting service. Excited about the future of the company, Suraj concludes, “We also have plans to be in the campus outsourcing space which is a vacant territory and help companies reach the right talent at almost zero cost”.