SEE CHANGE Consulting: Elevating and Empowering MSMEs by Enabling Business Transformation

S. Prakash,Co-Founder & CEO

S. Prakash

Co-Founder & CEO

When knowledge is coupled with years of experience, business insights, and coaching practice, the result is guaranteed. Especially, for MSMEs and small businesses where tiny errors could make or break the brands, knowledge & cautiousness with innovation is the need of the hour. From formulating a business plan to raising funds, from choosing the right market to creating the valuable product, from addressing the consumer pain points to offering customer support, from proper profit planning to precise implementation, an entrepreneur has to look after so many aspects of business that sometimes makes them lose the focus on the vision with which he/she started the firm. With that said, MSMEs need mentors who help them devise every winning strategy and provide them with transformation through innovative practices and solutions. In fact, small businesses are in need of 360-degree support for growing their business. Realizing this, in 2002, M.K. Anand aka `SEE CHANGE' Anand forayed a `Niche' model to build MSME Ecosystem and ventured SEE CHANGE CONSULTING (SEE CHANGE) along with Mentor, Entrepreneur, and Author Mr. Prakash Turnaround Expert and a Strategic Business Coach.

Hailing from a middle-class family and starting a business, has made Anand understand the brutal truth of MSME Entrepreneurs'passion, pain, and stress
levels in all possible dimensions. With this realization, when he was working on an idea to help MSMEs, he met Prakash. "As they say, `When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it'. We fortunately met and after few meetings, we discussed the possibility of having a platform to share our combined knowledge and experience of close to 50 years," says Anand.

They conceptualized SEE CHANGE to help you fill the gaps in your broken business value chains. Today, the company serves MNCs and Corporate Houses with Coaching and Training Services as a Knowledge Management Partner (KMP). The business started with Intel Singapore approaching them, since then there is no turning back. The smart business model and a pool of 100+ experts from cross-cultural and cross-industrial experience is making SEE CHANGE a go-to partner that drives growth from the grassroots level.

M.K. Anand, Co-Founder

“By designing a complete platform for MSMEs to decide where they are and where they want to go to grow, we bring the subject experts, create the solutions and bring our panel of experts together. On average, we engage 4-8 consultants depending on the project. SEE CHANGE is also being invited by Biggies of the Consulting World to support their Indian Projects,” adds the cofounders.

SEE CHANGE's service portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of training, coaching, and consulting services. While there are several training providers that either focus only on soft skills, technological skills, or others independently, SEE CHANGE took a step forward to offer all under a single roof. It combined offers behavioural, technical, and functional training, including coaching services for executives and even celebrities. "80 percent of our business model is revolving around turn around consulting and strategic business advisory," remarks Prakash, "We help MSMEs overcome the top-line and bottom line challenges, arranging finance, working on the capital issue, and gaps in marketing and sales."