Sellers Tech: Boosting up Businesses and Sales

 Vikash Chauhan,   FounderWith the increase in the number of internet and Smartphone users the online trade and commerce has undergone a sea of change. To say, it has reshaped the configuration in which businesses are orchestrated in India. This blooming state of the industry has opened the doors for all the e-Commerce ventures like retail stores, banking and others. However, a separate genre of the e-commerce company emerged knownas the e-commerce consultants that aims to get businesses out of the tight spot. One such establishment is Sellers Tech which has been mapping out distinctive strategies to help the enterprises achieve market stability.

The Inception Story
An e-Commerce marketing and consulting company Seller Tech was put in place by Vikash Chauhan who has in his possession extensive knowledge and experience about the e-Commerce industry. He is of the opinion that everything in this industry is about the number of
customers who happen to come across the products when searching for their demands. Such expertise of his has oiled the wheels of this company which has been assisting organizations create proper marketing strategies and build their brand value. The objective here is to minimize the marketing cost and proffer better out-turns in exchange of the investment made by brands. “Our main focus is to establish a Private Local Brand on e-Commerce and help companies frame and enhance their brand and market value. We are authorised service providers in Amazon,” avers Vikash.

Sellers Tech’s main focus is to establish a Private Local Brand on e-Commerce and help companies frame and enhance their brand and market value

The Haryana headquartered firm has been constructed to proffer specialised services to the sellers in Pan India. These services are devised to help merchandisers grow their businesses and fortify both its online and offline presence. The plus point of this company is that it is comforted by mental giants of the industry. Having the support of such great minds have not only eased the process of its origination but has also enabled it to extend its
services to various other areas of activities like the consulting sector. As a consulting service provider, it has been helping enterprises meet their commercial needs through a legion of high quality services and products that are up to the minute. Availing such panaceas Sellers Tech has been smoothly and continuously proliferating trader’s sales, savings, and success rate by curtailing their operating risk. Hence, in the bargain, it has also puts forwards Account Management, Photo shoot, Product Listing, Sales Increase and Digital Marketing. In short, it is determined to rescue its clients from the difficult situations. “Our team is ministered by marketers and Business Development Managers of consulting services. This has empowered us to fabricate worthy solutions in the entire arena that we deal with,” he states.

In the near future, the company aims to excel in all its endeavours by conferring extremely confidential, reliable and trust worthy information. It plans to elevate the revenue generating opportunities. It aspires to engage its expertise in retainer consulting, project consulting, market research and other such activities. “We aim to leverage from a single pool of expertise into multiple revenue generation opportunities. We also hope to enhance the business visibility, provide access to buyers on products on the websites and increase the credibility of all the brands that we work for’, he concludes.