Sijcon Consultants: Ensuring Superlative Design And Construction Services With Quality And Cost-Effective Solutions

Nurturing the amalgamation of technology and infrastructure, the Indian architecture domain has managed to create a distinguished position across the globe. Owing to the surging industrialization and urbanization, the innovations happening across the engineering sector are flourishing with new-age designs and constructions which are embedded with progressive & sustainable techniques. A brand that voyaged through the Indian era of industrialization, Sijcon Consultants is continuing to influence the engineering and infrastructure domain by the virtue of its progressive techniques for ensuring superlative design and construction. Founded in 1961 as a design engineering & project management company, Sijcon Consultants has been instrumental in promoting contemporary planning and designing services across various fields. Consistently adding value to its client's properties, Sijcon as an Design firm assures success to its customers by providing state-of-the-art architecture with quality and cost-effective solutions.

Ensuring Premium Quality Services
Equipped with more than five decades of experience, Sijcon has the skill and knowledge to evaluate a project and create just the right strategy to maximize its value. Moulded by the current industry standards which depict the optimum authenticity of the services, Sijcon has been seamlessly tailoring the project requirements of the industry for the last five decades. "A pan India company, the major expertise of Sijcon lies across engineering plants, sugar industry, and textile industry. Apart from operating across more than 15 states in India, they have worked overseas in more than 15 countries as well, and are functioning even during these tough times of COVID-19. Designing projects from agriculture, packaging and seeds to design of facilities for assembling and manufacturing of jet aircraft, we are fairly up to date as far as the technology is concerned," states Viral S Jasubhai, Managing Director, Sijcon Consultants.

Partnering with top-notch vendors & contractors, Sijcon Consultants are often regarded as the pioneers in the field of engineering and construction in India. Furnished with the latest software in terms of structural design, 3-D modeling, design, building, construction and more, Sijcon Consultants has completed more than 3000 projects all over India and abroad. "Our distinctiveness lies with our workforce with an average experience of more than 10 years in the field making our overall bandwidth of experience large and prominent. Committed to turning around the project in the shortest possible time, we not only ensure the project to be completed on time but also within the approved budget. The fit and finish of each project are personally insured by our senior management and every project gets at least one site visit every month. To compensate for our site visits during these lockdown times, our entire project management has moved to real view streaming and drone videos," avers Viral S Jasubhai.
Pioneers In The Field Of Engineering And Construction
Bestowed with the IGBC gold award for its innovative green building design, Sijcon Consultants has also been honoured with various safety rewards from our clients for regarding safety as one of the highest criteria while project completion. Through various in-house servers, Sijcon Consultants is fire protected and security enabled by EMS along with the annual maintenance contract with the finest cyber security companies, adhering to safety and security as its highest regulatory compliances.

Viral S Jasubhai,Managing Director

Owing to its pragmatic involvement to contribute in terms of prolific execution of projects, Sijcon Consultants hosts a vivid client base with many corporate conglomerates including Maruti Suzuki, Ashok Leyland, Arvind Mills, Bajaj, TATA, HERO, and many more. Accommodating various in-house disciplines ranging from Master Planning, Architectural Design, Civil, Structural & Foundation Design, Electrical Layout & Power Distribution Design, Public Health, Storm Water & Drainage Design, Fire & Safety Design, Building Ventilation & Air Conditioning Layout and Design, Green Building compliance and certification, Project Management Services & Quality Control and more, Sijcon ensures faster and more coordinated project management.

Holding a good track record of ensuring the safety of the customers with utmost priority, Sijcon tries to ascertain 100 percent customer satisfaction along with providing the best deal for their money. The employees are encouraged to partake regularly in the seminars and training organized within the industry, not only to sharpen their skill set but also to understand and address the evolving customer demands.

A pan India company, the major expertise of sijcon lies across delivering quality, safety and sustainability to all their clients

"We are pioneers for the use of pre-fabricated construction elements and trying to introduce efficient building construction methodology to reduce the number of stages of construction and reduce the dependency of manpower to enable a quicker turnaround and better construction quality. Owing to the cyclical nature of the industry, our effort is to maintain the quality and deliverables rather than turnover. Given the experience in the past years, we are focused on preventing hardships to our staff and ensuring deliverables to the client and maintain the quality of our services rather than targeting year-on-year growth."

Viral S Jasubhai, Managing Director
Having completed his Bachelor's in Civil Engineering, he has also obtained his MBA and Masters in System Engineering. Viral joined Sijcon in 1988 and has handled all types of projects especially Spinning Mills, Sugar Factories, Electronics, Engineering projects and others.

Office: Ahmedabad
Offerings: Master planning, architectural design, civil, structural & foundation design, electrical layout & power distribution design and more.