Skybertech: Your Reliable Virtual CIO

Suresh Kumar,Chief IT Consultant & Virtual CIO

Suresh Kumar

Chief IT Consultant & Virtual CIO

The concept of virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) has evolved from just a buzzword into the mainstream of Information Technology (IT) department across multiple organizations, especially small & medium sized businesses that typically cannot afford to hire a conventional CIO. But still there is a huge dearth of knowledge regarding IT and its importance, significance of business information and the need to safeguard it rightly, among many budding companies. With profound insights on the advantages of a vCIO and an aim to eliminate the aforementioned scenarios, Skybertech, an IT consulting firm, was established in Kochi (Kerala) by Suresh Kumar (Chief IT Consultant & Virtual CIO) who holds 22+ years of experience in directing the entire IT operations at multiple industries of India.

Performance focused, a visionary global IT leader and a technocrat, Suresh has previously worked with different corporates in Kerala like Muthoot, Marikkar, Chemmanur and others as their CIO. In fact, he has bagged ample achievements including ‘The Digital CIO Award-2016’ from Cyber Media India, ‘KHM Award-2014’ for
from Kochi Health Mission,‘Future CIO India Award-2013’ from IT NEXT100 and many others.

"Skybertech consulting service provides a senior executive or vCIO who can serve as both CIO and IT advisor to the clients’ businesses"

Snippets of the Journey
Due to high cost of maintaining full-time CIO positions, many companies were looking for alternatives where they can have access to highly professional CIOs at an affordable cost at the time of their need. Understanding the need, Skybertech started rendering full-time services of a CIO at a fraction of cost to major companies in Kerala by leveraging its extensive techno-functional expertise. Presently, the company caters to more than 40 large and mediocre companies across Kerala. This swift growth within one and a half years of its inception ostensibly proves its quick acceptance across the Kerala IT market entailing major segments like financial companies, jewellery, tourism, hospital, manufacturing, retail, whole sales, textile, automobile, education, IT, agriculture, and many others.

Your Outsourced CIO
Under the reign of Suresh, Skybertech consulting service provides a senior executive or vCIO who can serve as both CIO and IT advisor to the clients’ businesses. These vCIOs who can serve as both CIO and IT advisor to the clients’ businesses. These vCIOs channelize their strong technical background and experience across a broad range
of IT platforms and technologies into framing technology solutions that can effectively meet the clients’ business objectives, akin to a full-time senior IT executive. Initially, Skybertech’s vCIO determines the client’s IT ‘state of maturity’and aligns their business objectives with their IT environment to drive the right value from their IT infrastructure. Further, its vCIO assists the client in their servicing issues, increasing sales revenue and organizing their company’s structure and processes in the right manner. In a nutshell, Skybertech’s consultancy services, IT consulting, IT strategy, IT budgeting, IT policies, IT planning, IT project implementations, e-Commerce implementation, IT infrastructure implementation, process automation and IT innovations.

Moreover, Skybertech educates the client’s organization that major part of expenses accounted under IT would be deployed for the implementation or enhancement of other departments. “We enlist all the enhancements performed by the IT department in financial terms so that the client’s management can clearly comprehend the financial benefits procured by harnessing the might of IT,” elucidates Suresh Kumar, Chief Consultant, Skybertech. Currently, Skybertech looks at foraying into television and media industry, besides developing as an organization that provides services of not just one CIO but the service of a group of CIOs with techno-functional knowledge.