Spurt Consulting: Identifying Fresh Avenues of growth for Businesses

Ninad Desai,  Founder & Principal Consultant

Ninad Desai

Founder & Principal Consultant

The fact that consultants can genuinely add a lot of value remains to be articulated to entrepreneurs. And that is a long process. SMEs are used to working with traditional setups that rely heavily on entrepreneur’s wisdom and networks. Also, as a matter of fact, a part of the blame for lack of trust in consultants is also because of their own non-performance. This is where Ahmedabad-based Spurt Consulting comes into the picture. The company offers solutions and presents perspectives which are not only transformational but also those that helps transcend the boundaries of business competition. "Showing results is our top priority and we take complete ownership of that. And to maintain the sanctity of our commitment we ensure that we do not necessarily look for radical business ideas but rather attempt to share insights that can reflect in the numbers,” shares Ninad Desai, Founder & Principal Consultant.

Perceiving that there is no single-window approach that works for SMEs, team Spurt Consulting constantly evaluates their performance to determine whether the clients’ objectives are met.
“One of our key strengths is working for businesses with B2C models. We have been able to transform and show brilliant results for Hotels & Resorts, Spalons, Restaurants, Clothing stores, FMCG brands, and Home Décor & Furniture outlets, among others. This is because we understand customer psyche extremely well which allows us to share innovative and strategic answers to problems pertaining to Sales, Pricing, Product and Packaging,” mentions Ninad. Also, for businesses operating in B2C segment, the team ensures to deliver ideas that are asset light and innovation heavy.

From about just 4 clients in 2010 based out of Gujarat alone, it is now serving nearly 160+ SMEs across the length and breadth of India

The Idea behind Spurt

In routine life observations, Ninad comes across products which may have been technologically advanced but had severe shortcomings from the utility perspective. He would often consider this as ‘regressive innovation’. And this was perhaps pervasive across product categories. Possibly, the reason was that often during product development stage – the research and technical teams weren’t guided by customer psyche. And so he thought that it might actually be a good idea to start consulting firm that brings the customer’s utility at the centre-stage of product design and development.
“I strongly felt that if SMEs were able to do that then it would create a natural edge over the competitors who might have deep pockets or superior technology. And this marked the beginning of Spurt Consulting,” he asserts.

Successfully overcoming the initial challenges; while creating trust and confidence among the clients, Spurt Consulting has grown pretty steadily. From about just 4 clients in 2010 based out of Gujarat alone, it is now serving nearly 160+ SMEs across the length and breadth of India. In terms of revenues, it has grown by about 30 percent YoY for the last 9 years. “As far as workforce is concerned, we’ve preferred to stay a tightly-knit unit because sometimes delegation and scale comes at a cost of compromising with our tailored-services approach. At present, we have 22 members in the team. In terms of geography, we’ve clients who are spread across 9 states in India,” he adds. As a bootstrapped company, Spurt is open to creating partnerships especially ones which can enable it to serve companies in Asian market and beyond.

“In terms of our work - we are happy to share that some of our clients have crossed the SME stage and are fairly large businesses now. And that means exciting times for us as we now also look forward to serving these companies and other businesses that operate in the higher orbit,” concludes Ninad.