Social Advancement Ventures Foundation: Channeling Students towards Right Career Trajectory

Mendu Srinivasulu, Founder & Director

Mendu Srinivasulu

Founder & Director

The human workforce is considered one of the most critical organisational assets in this era of technological advancements and evolution. Human resources are the building block of progress and responsible for its implications in the world. However, hunger & poverty are the two main issues that have created challenges to humankind for ages. Innovative solutions are essential to address hunger and poverty challenges that are being tried to address through UN sustainable development goals (UN SDGs). Further, it is said that the Agri & Food Industry currently lacks skilled and quality human resources, as most of the workforce was not exposed to quality education, industry innovations, and more. Also, most of the student’s career aspirations don’t match industry requirements and expectations, leading to low productivity which emphasises there is a need for a paradigm shift in harnessing the power of youth through appropriate skill development and establishing entrepreneurial mindset.

Perfectly understanding these needs to cater to the emerging requirements in building the quality human resources, Social Advancement Ventures Foundation(SAVe Foundation)introduced a unique program called Career Advisory & Mentoring Programs (CAMP-S), where various industry experts and practitioners mentor the young students to make them industry ready, aligning them with their career aspirations. The unique element of CAMP-S is to create an unmatched network for students with industry best practitioners, increase their
confidence and establish their credibility, which will eventually make them Industry ready by the time they come out of their regular campus.

As soon as the student is registered on CAMP-S, each student’s personal career aspirations and goals are identified and further discussed with their mentors. Based on the identified career aspirations, the mentoring program takes its course by providing customised assignments, internships, live projects, and interactive expert sessions based on their interest areas. They are supported with individual sessions explicitly organised to evaluate their progress quarterly, which enables the young students to be industry-ready. By the end of the CAMP-S course, the students will be far more equipped with the industry required skills, network and giving them a winning edge over other graduate or post graduate students.

SAVe Foundation is committed to nourishing every young professional at the right age while pursuing their college education by unleashing their true potential. Recently, the organisation has collaborated with NMIMS School of Agricultural Sciences & Technology (NMIMS-SAST), a leading university offering Agricultural courses. Enthused by the scope and benefits of the CAMP-S program, NMIMS-SAST has signed an MOU with SAVe Foundation to provide CAMP-S mentoring services to its Agriculture graduate students, where they undergo career specific guidance, Internships, Live projects, and more. Further, the organisation is associated with Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) Spain, a network of people and institutions interested in developing individual capacities, teams, and social systems. Together, the two organisations conduct joint webinars, industry experience learning sharing sessions, student and entrepreneurs exchange programs that give the students enough exposure to best Indus¬try and global practices. In a significant development,SAVe Foundation and Smart Village Movement (SVM), in alliance with Berkeley Haas, has recently partnered to take the CAMP-S initiative forward, all over India.

SAVe Foundation aspires CAMP-S to be a global leader in career consulting for students and young professionals, providing them necessary career guidance to excel in their future endeavours. The organisation is looking forward to being part of a dynamic ecosystem that connects the best quality human resources to the industries worldwide, matching students’ and professionals’ aspirations, focusing on the aspect that no talent should re¬main untapped. Further, it intends to tie up with 100+ universities worldwide, with 100,000+ students mentored by 2025. “We will continue to drive the transformation of student’s aspirations by connecting the dots and unleashing the power from the principles of Passion, Purpose, and Practice where Performance will be more impactful to enable us to achieve the Global SDGs,” concludes Mendu Srinivasulu, Founder & Director of SAVe Foundation.