Infyenergy Sunfactory: Visionaries of Renewable-Energy Systems, Proffering World-Class Solar, Wind & Waste to Power Networks

G. S. Raghavendra,Founder & MD

G. S. Raghavendra

Founder & MD

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi laid an ambitious target of achieving 100,000 MW of solar power capacity by 2022. As the acute energy scarcity in India is hampering its industrial growth and economic progress, tackling this crisis through a judicious utilization of the ever-abundant renewable energy resources has become the highlighted agenda of Indian government this term. Embarking on this scheme and thriving on its advancements is Infyenergy Sunfactory Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore-based renewable energy company, which aims at transforming solar power into a reliable, affordable and consistent source of clean energy for all domestic and commercial sectors.

As a benefactor possessing more than 25 years of experience in the field, Infyenergy burgeons on engineering procurement and construction, largely servicing utility scale power-plants for solar/wind/waste to energy (W2E) and bio-energy. Besides these, the company ambits educating and spreading awareness on the significance of renewable energy through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs, additionally targeting employment generation and establishing Photovoltaic, solar thermal
and cost-saving power generating systems.

"Infyenergy possesses excellent hybrid systems and advanced technologies and engages in a rigorous process to ensure only the best deliverables"

To its recent achievement, as part of a CSR program, Infyenergy provisioned an excellent power-packed system at a tribal village in Chamrajanagar, lighting-up the whole community with automated solar on/off systems, accompanied by solar roof-tops at schools and solar pumps for agriculture. Such is the tremendous nature of Infyenergy goals, where joyful giving amalgamated with perfect designs adjuncts a personal touch to every project. Headed by G.S. Raghavendra (Founder & MD), who streamlined the company to international scales, Infyenergy currently serves in partnership with the German-based Sunfactory Deutschland GmbH (a leading German renewable-energy company). Focused on selling distinctive concepts rather than products, Infyenergy offers solar roof-top PV power-plant solutions, also proffering unique designs based on RESCO (Renewable-energy Service Company) model, CAPEX/OPEX and BOO/BOOT models. Moreover, Infyenergy embraces everything right from land selection, topography, soil test & energy synchronisation, to aids for all government clearances for project implementation, with an all-inclusive approach.

Maximizing the Resources' Potential
Besides its adroit and astute expertise, Infyenergy possesses excellent hybrid systems and advanced technologies, and engages in a rigorous process to ensure only the best deliverables.
Thoroughly assisting clients right from start to end, the company plans (structure & design), develops (select module systems), constructs (assemble & install), monitors (system-control) and provides financial guidance to its clients. With safety norms at check and providing the right hands to get the job done, Infyenergy resolves every aspect falling under the umbrella of renewable energy. Moreover, exclusive waste to energy systems are processed for obtaining electrical energy, while special solar-panels are developed to exceed green-house potentials boosting organic-markets and generating employment.

En Route to Progress
Tremendous credit to its assiduous services - three million units of an annual yield in its Jharkhand project and the production of 38 units/day on a residential roof-top (8 KW), Infyenergy is booming on a pedestal gaining, a significant thrust towards prosperous conduits. It targets 185 GW by 2030, out of which 40 GW is roof top, while rest is free field solar energy. In-line with the solar-energy alliance of the government, the company aims to spread its wings further by 2022, by establishing international bonds and working towards establishing government-partnerships as well. Infyenergy’s recent developments also reflect its flourishing growth in the field, with plans to deploy German-quality systems and develop patented structures that could bolster the production of energy in Bangalore. Certified training-programs exclusively made for youngsters in villages boost the industry’s prospects, while gaining maximum benefits of utilizing renewable-energy apart from creating job with greenhouse with solar on top.