SOLWORXS: A Prime Destination For NoCode Solution & Development Platform For The Budding Startups

Manikumar Lakkaraju,FounderHaving both the proficiency and practice to counsel the startups regarding what to do and how to execute their plan of action by simultaneously saving money and time, startup consultants are gradually gaining popularity across the industry owing to the burgeoning startup ecosystem. Emerging as a local destination for startups as well as niche corporates, Solworxs is predominantly engaged in empowering citizens or developers across the businesses through an entire range of task based jobs in the gig economy. Offering the best kind of transformations to help companies in multiple ways such as building smart solutions, getting digitized, trying to get an online presence, maximizing from the remote connectivity, cloud based solutions, Solworxs has arisen as a development platform for the budding startups by helping them build smart apps or hybrid apps. With a mission of becoming the prime destination for NoCode solutions and empowering citizen development globally, Solworxs intends to collaborate with the customers to build hybrid apps or innovative solutions using commercial NoCode platforms and help startups, MSMEs, and corporates to embrace this new industrial revolution.

Focusing on three key ingredients such as productivity of the teams, near to zero dependencies on technical skills, enabling access from anywhere for the team, Solworxs has made its presence quite invincible within the industry as a single stop solution for various NoCode requirements since 2017. Believing technology to be essential for every business which can
catalyze commercial growth with the right mix of innovation, the USP of Solworxs building contemporary solutions, innovation, collaboration, and mobility. "Clubbing all of these key aspects to craft a perfect amalgamation of essential solutions which suit the requirements of our clients' businesses is one of our key proficiencies. we try to solve 74 percent of the IT solution or Application problems that are directly linked to business and pushed into the IT backlog. Similarly, 52 percent of these issues are purely based on IT related skill gaps, which is also a big problem for the organization. Understanding the problem of the business and supporting them with better solutions, the USP of maximizing the adoption of the integrated technologies," says Manikumar Lakkaraju, Founder, Solworxs.

Understanding the problem of the business and supporting them with better solutions, our USP is maximizing the adaption of the integrated technologies

Catering to the world of NoCode solutions along with a unique AMPLE methodology that enables businesses to build NoCode Apps and deploy for commercial activity with quick turnaround times, most of the offerings of driven by technology independence, cloudhosted solutions, and reduced cost of commercialization on launching the app with a little maintenance and support. "Building all of its throughput solutions with four key ingredients which include smart data capture, the process of enriching information, simple automation, and advanced user interfaces, Solworxs deliver apps equipped with simple functionality for a specific task or a team task. We also build apps that are like super apps, which can perform multiple tasks for a complete organization and after putting in one single chain, that super app can spread across different organizations," avers Manikumar.

Growing exponentially since its inception, Solworxs has built close to 200+ Apps for various businesses including simple to complex use cases and served customers from various industry verticals starting from Corporates, Services Industry, Manufacturing, Food processing, Ceramics manufacturing, HR Services, Sports companies, Business Forums, NGOs, and so on. For the small or traditional businesses, Solworxs has been conducting various workshops, certification courses, and build live apps to assist them in bringing faster and greatervalues to their enterprises. "Driving the MVP sprints, we believe in encouraging the emerging entrepreneurs to build their MVP and launch an idea into a startup. Conducting various digital sprints to understand the current challenges, we assist our clients to build solutions around those challenges without disturbing their current IT infrastructure," concludes Manikumar.