Spatians Geo Solutions: Everything Observed Can Be Mapped!

Ashish Kurne, Proprietor and Business Owner

Ashish Kurne

Proprietor and Business Owner

Geospatial data and technologies in India are witnessing a massive growth with many government departments in the country employing the usage of geospatial map data and applications. With the government agencies having allotted an estimated annual budget of $3 billion for GIS services, the sector is growing at a rate of 12-15 per cent annually. As the segment is brimming with opportunities, many players are stepping forward and offering their services in the sector. Passionate about the GIS technology and wanting to solve people’s crucial problems particularly asset related issues, Ashish Kurne decided to set up his own organization that will address these day to day issues of people in relation to environment and geography and that is what then finally led to the foundation of Ratnagiri based Spatians Geo Solutions. “GIS is a technology that can be directly linked to the people and their resources collectively and individually as well, and is highly capable of producing accurate and authentic solution while considering several factors & parameters simultaneously. At Spatians, we are looking at the broad scale application of GIS and Geo-Spatial Services for distinguished purposes of mapping and
survey,” says Ashish Kurne, Proprietor and Business Owner, Spatians Geo Solutions.

From DGPS Land Survey, GIS Mapping and Remote Sensing to Spatial Model and Spatial Analysis, the consulting firm with its array of services enables procedural improvisation, market and business development for the companies working with varied sectors. The firm is equipped with precision based equipment that can help get more accurate results in the field. Framed with flexibility in the service portfolio, it also provides tailor-made services while following standard procedure and practices. Setup with a vision to provide best solution to every client, the company holds the capacity to provide topnotch quality solutions for projects associated with development, natural resources, agriculture, businesses, planning and management, navigation and trends etc. “We are focused on providing exact solutions to our clients with maximum benefits through our services. Recently, we have developed inhouse software application (SPACORD) which provides fast, accurate and precise results pertaining to DGPS Surveys and Land Mapping processes. Currently, the trend towards mapping the resources and assets is gearing up as well as location based services are also in demand so we are working on that avenue as well,” he asserts.

Spatians Geo Solutions is equipped with innovative methods and precision based equipment that can generate precise results

Established in 2018, the company has come a long way and does not hesitate to go above and beyond in its operations to cater to the requirements of the clients. Focused on developing innovative methods and gathering essential resources for the growth of its business, Spatians is working on reaching towards more people while making use of advanced technologies in their project execution that are utilized in rapidly expanding Geo-Spatial industry. “We are working on expanding our base activities of GIS Mapping, Spatial Analysis, DGPS Land Surveys, GIS Models and GIS Asset Management techniques for potential customers. There can be divergent opinions, but at present there are hardly any technologies that are capable of handling geographical information with grace or can manage huge landbased information or gives a best location based services as comfortable as GIS,”concludes Ashish.