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Meer Waqiruddin Khaleeq,Managing Director

Meer Waqiruddin Khaleeq

Managing Director

It's no breaking news that India is the world's second-most populous nation, home to over a billion people. And that's a lot of people to be curious about how the lot stays mentally and physically healthy. India is perhaps the world's first truly international nation, serving as a hub between Asia, Africa, and Europe since the beginning of recorded time. As a result, its culture reflects a strong international character that connects India, and its expansive history, to a world of sports.

The love for sports in India is moving beyond the game of cricket towards diverse arenas of sports, catapulting viewership, participation, and sports-related industries. Sports has opened passages to new business opportunities for investors looking at the Indian market ­ from brand building and infrastructure to niche entrepreneurial ventures, emerging technologies, and services.

India's improving economic climate, rising disposable incomes, and changing outlook towards fitness is fuelling the increase in demand for more facilitation for Sports. Although India has witnessed a surge of growth in sports infrastructure development in recent years, challenges such as availability of land bank and ineffective utilization of existing infrastructure makes it even more difficult for sport enthusiasts to carry forward their dreams. Particularly, sports infrastructure should be treated as an integral part of urban planning so that adequate resources are budgeted for development and sustenance. There are a lot of sports infra consultants or basically architects who design & build the sports facility. Then there are some services company who come by to offer the service to organize and maintain the sports programs on that infrastructure. More often than not, Sports enthusiasts who also happen to be land owners, lose their enthusiasm by the thought of having to run between different vendors and service providers.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Sports Infra Solutions (SIS) provides turnkey solutions right from closing a deal with the land owner who is passionate about doing something on sports to designing the facility, conceptualizing, building, and even operating, maintaining and managing the institute. Architectural and consulting services or design services are just as important part of SIS' offerings. As the Managing Director, Meer Waqiruddin Khaleeq explains, "We are adept to creating a go to market which defines how you create a proper service programme on an infrastructure. For any facility to be successful there are two aspects, one is the physical infrastructure which has to be world class or which has to be as per standard at least. Second, there also has to be proper services on this particular facility. Only then the facility will work and continue to exist. We differentiate
ourselves with our 360 degree involvement, from the conceptualization stage up to the maintenance & management of the facility. "

SIS has outdone its designs for sports facilities. Based on the insights on the nearby population, factoring in accessibility and the location specifics, SIS offers a practical and most futuristic design of the facility. Besides the design, SIS also goes a step further in identifying the right team to run the facility and offer practices to ensure smooth operations. SIS offers end-to-end services starting from design to setup of the facility and personnel, and finally handling the actual day-to-day management.

Projects that Speak Volumes
Currently, SIS is working on a concept called Indoor Sports Complex, which will be a multi-floor, multi-facility sports arena. The facility is designed to consist everything- right from gym, basketball court, to badminton court, swimming pool and so on. SIS team studies the geography and the city's work habits & culture and consequently, what is required. SIS also ensures that customization per location is taken care of based on the geography. More importantly, any facility that SIS creates is also made sure to have a good commercial model around it. There should be a revenue stream for landowners and people investors as well.

Based on the insights on the nearby population, factoring in accessibility and the location specifics, SIS offers a practical and most futuristic design of the facility

Apart from the Indoor Sports Complex, SIS has few more exceptional projects up its sleeves. SIS is building India's first Dry Ski Slope. Set in the scenic landscape of Coorg, Ski Coorg is going to be India's first dry ski slope. Blessed with a rich wildlife and pleasant weather throughout the year, Coorg is considered to be the Scotland of India. SIS considered the picturesque hill-station with its abundant fauna and gushing tourist, the perfect setup for dry slope skiing. Spreading over 6 acres of land, the facility offers 3 ski slopes and 2 ski lifts all spanning Beginning, intermediate & advanced levels. It has a special practice zones for kids with 2 additional slopes for tubing. Coaching and rental equipment also form a part of the facility's offerings. "We are also discussing big realistic projects where we will have an International sports school that we want to bring and then create a unique experience by bringing in lot of international brands into India from an entertainment point of view", adds Meer.

Towards a High Spirited Sporting Future
The road map ahead is to build more and more facilities across the country by targeting the private real estate developers or people who have land parcel or passionate about promoting sports in the country. The MD is on a lookout to creating more facilities which are easily accessible to people and convenient to the consumers. "We have to make sports convenient for people. We want to push a healthy lifestyle through the medium of sports", exclaims Meer.

Sport Infra Solutions aims to create healthy and fit India and believes that the first step in doing so is to have a lot of sports infrastructure solutions. Such organizations, if met by the right minds can do wonders in the sports domain. People who are passionate about sports and development of sports should come forward and help SIS in furnishing extraordinary sports facilities and make people realize the upside of sporting.

What Clients Say About Sis
Meer and his team are truly professional. I have never met a group of people as passionate about sports. It's inspiring to see how they spread their passion to the whole country.

-Pavan Panchmukhi, BluPay