Sriyah Insurance Brokers: Unparalleled Insurance Broking Services

B.R. Muralidhar,CEO

B.R. Muralidhar, CEO

A dream of having a smooth sailing business is usually brought to a halt by unfortunate situations which wrench the growth or put in question the very sustainability of business thereby exerting intense pressure on its progress. B.R. Muralidhar, an expert of the insurance industry, with his sheer knowledge and understanding has been assisting ventures to address the unexpected financial crisis through Sriyah Insurance Brokers- an end-to-end insurance broking firm, rendering services in Life and Non-Life sectors.

Born and brought up in a business family, Muralidhar clearly understands how financial crises can wreck businesses and people's lives. Exposure to the concept of insurance helped him broaden his knowledge about its nature and the support it is capable of conferring in case of damage or loss. He resolved to propagate the advantages of insuring lives and businesses, clarify the scepticism about the policies and narrow the gap between the businessmen and the insurer. Risk Analysis, Policy Audits, Gap Analysis, Placements, Claim Management and Portfolio Administration are some of the noteworthy broking services that Sriyah Insurance Brokers has been delivering to its clients for years under Mr. Muralidhar's leadership. These broad range of services are composed by a leadership team holding several decades of underwriting experience spanning a vast spectrum of insurance products.
"Figuring out the glitches prevailing between the insurance companies and people concerning policies, claims and settlements, I decided to take an initiative through which I can enhance the circumstances. My intention was to make use of the vast knowledge and experience of my team and integrate with the insurance companies, design and put in place the policies which will respond well under any eventualities," utters B.R. Muralidhar, CEO, Sriyah Insurance Brokers.

Sriyah Insurance Brokers follows the motto "Service is not just a watchword, it's a delight"

The Journey

In its initial days, the company operated as a retail broker. It gradually changed its course of action and from retail sector it reorganised as a commercial broker. The primary intention of Sriyah Insurance Brokers has been discussing, designing and delivering suitable insurance products to clients instead of just presenting predefined solutions that are drawn up by insurers. Having served the industry for about 16 years now, the company did come across difficulties in building a stance in the market. But stories about its faithful services soon went around the town and eventually created a significant impact in the ecosystem. Having its origin in Bangalore, the company has expanded to other cities as well. Presently, it has five offices in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and serves a huge number of clients including the big giants of the industry. In the last six years, Sriyah has grown by 350 percent, approaching Rs. 60 crores in the financial year 2018-19 and targeting a premium income of Rs.90 Crores by the end of the financial year 2019-20."We have settled claims of 100 crores during the calamity (flood) that befell Chennai in the year 2015. This is one of our most notable achievements as we had settled claims that was three times more than our premium business at that time," he states.

The Time Ahead:

The future of Sriyah Insurance Brokers looks bright. It aims to further magnify its stature as a commercial insurance broker by encompassing more advanced and effective solutions and services. Its target is to reinforce its presence in the retail space through the two activities; the first one is to proffer its clients with online facilities and the other is to introduce POS (Point of Sale) - a new theme that was made possible by emerging marketing and regulatory guidelines. "We are embracing technology and digitalization to continuously improve and expand our services and offerings. We aim to become the best insurance consultants/broker and spread our services across the nation," he concludes.