S&S Energy Systems: Offering a Single Window Solution for All Your Solar Energy Needs

Nishant Singhal,Head - Sales & Customer Service
Nishant Singhal, Founder & Head - Sales

In recent years, solar energy solutions & products have acquired a huge popularity, primarily due to advance technology, increasing awareness, attractive finance options, government assistance and several other factors. Whether you aim to cut energy costs, reduce carbon footprint, fulfill regulatory obligations or accomplish sustainability goals, S&S Energy Systems has a solution for everything. The company bestows end-to-end ready-to-start solar solutions starting from consultation, execution, bespoke design, to installations, maintenance and after sales service, thereby guiding clients through the process of switching to renewable energy technologies."We specialize in offering a single window solution to all clients' questions, worries, installation and life-long maintenance for their needs of Green uninterrupted power supply," professes Nishant Singhal, Founder & Head - Sales, S&S Energy Systems.

Focused on solar power backup solutions, the firm offers solar solutions for home, hospitals, farmhouse, petrol pumps,
schools & universities, and Industries, corporates and is a proud EPC partner for Roof Top/Ground mounted Solar Power Plant and all solar products, including Solar water heater &Solar Water pump, Solar Fencing, Solar street & emergency light, invertors & batteries and many more. What sets S&S Energy apart from others is its unique methodology of proffering live demo of all aforementioned solar products at its fraternity, which not only helps people in better understanding the functionality & usages of products, but also educates them on distinct advantages of using solar energy. Moreover, the firm launches the unique concept of value addition and worth creation by not only concentrating on mere product sales, but also by sale of complete service package right from consultancy to implementation and annual/longterm maintenance. It endeavors to make solar power an economically viable sustainable energy source to help make the planet earth a greener place.

A Thoughtful Leader
With the goal to maximize clients RoI in solar, S&S Energy first consults them to take their basic requirements and performs thorough perusal of site to check its feasibility, concentrating on electricity audit of the energy (sunlight availability 7-8 hours, if actual direction is available to get the solar energy and others). Post this, it not only suggests suitable products /solutions as per client's budget, but also examines whether the suggested solution/product is beneficial to them. Unlike others, this Dehradun Uttrakhand) Headquartered
venture never forces its view on customers rather customizes or designs product according to their exact mode of usage and backup requirements.

Alongside, S&S Energy performs quality check (by maintaining checklist before installing solar products as these products comes with its own limitation). If in case any issue occurs, post installation,the company's experts rectify them free of cost and showcase clients the benefits earned by them after installing the solar product and how efficiently they are dealing with their problem. "Basically, people know S&S Energy System because of its services and we are giving 24×7 customer support. We are here to sell only quality products and deliver good after sale services," adds Nishant. Besides this, the firm renders time-to-time (alternative month)organize free physical services/Camp such as O&M of Solar Power Plant, and related products and others.

As a thought leader, S&S Energy also updates people on government subsidiary polices, including process, criteria and various terms & conditions required to availe the same. Since 2014, the company has worked with 1000 +clients in states like Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Delhi, and Punjab and is slowly spreading its clientele across India. Experiencing a whopping revenue growth of 300 percent during 2017-18, S&S Energy aims to enter Rs.35 crore club in coming five years and rank among top 20 under EPC partners and solar energy consultants.