SS Supply Chain Solutions (3SC): Scalable, Sustainable,System Driven SCM Solutions

Lalit Das, Founder and CEO

Lalit Das

Founder and CEO

3SC orchestrates organizations to streamline entire supply chain and create value for customers in order to gain competitive advantage. This way such firms transform their supply chain practices from being customary and reactive to being contemporary and proactive.Through its supply chain advisory service, the Gurgaon headquartered firm renders scalable, sustainable and system-driven value that enables clients to optimize, digitize and improve their end-to-end supply chain.

Founded in 2012, the firm holds strong expertise in Predictive, Prescriptive and Descriptive analytics combined with collaborative and consultative approach. As of today, 3SC stands with a strong presence across Europe, North America and Asia and is strongly unravelling SCM challenges firms face on a strategic, tactical as well as operational level.

3SC derives its strong competence in analytics to the emergence of big data and data science. Traditional manufacturing units have undergone a paradigm shift and this data driven approach helps resolve challenges such as demand, supply or cost uncertainty, SKU complexity and geographical risk.

“We are well positioned to help clients mitigate aforementioned
roadblocks as our services help companies assess their supply chains better, gain more efficiency and improve supply chain tractability,” explains Lalit Das, Founder and CEO, 3SC. Clients also gain better prediction of customer needs and actions along with improved reaction time and order to delivery time.

Through its prescriptive analytics services, the company prescribes actions for optimising performance outcomes such as Network Design, inventory, warehouse, load and equipment and pallet and packaging

The company’s flagship service- Predictive Analytics focuses towards helping clients with Demand Side Attributes, Demand Forecasting and Inventory planning and Forecast. Its in-house forecasting engine enables automated data cleansing and makes use of external downstream datasets such as POS, price elasticity, channel inventory, temperature and population data. Through its prescriptive analytics services, the company prescribes actions for optimising performance outcomes such as Network Design, inventory, warehouse, load and equipment and pallet and packaging. 3SC also assists its clientele in descriptive analytics vertical by assessing and describing the ecosystem under consideration using data to identify trends with the aid of standard reporting, ad-hoc reporting, query/drill-down and dash boarding and visualization.

3SC possesses domain and functional expertise in supply chain analytics for various
industries ranging from FMCD, FMCG, chemical, industrial to agrochemical. PepsiCo,GE, Bajaj Corp., Henkel, Monsanto, Alstom, Philips, Flipkart, and Cummins are the key accounts.

3SC’s modus operandi includes planning, building and running solutions, which makes its position in the industry strongly resilient. Right from As-is analysis, optimal product design to global implementation, 3SC excels in all. Additionally, it also lays emphasis on executing solutions, targeting services and cost objectives, and hence continuously improving Supply Chain Management.

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve
In today’s digital age, it is imperative for businesses to stay on top of their technology game to stay relevant in the market. 3SC keeps no stones unturned by deploying Artificial Intelligence to streamline supply chain and logistics functions. It has also developed a demand forecasting tool with state-of-the-art forecasting models, extended visibility tool, track and trace, cloud-based cycle count and perpetual count.

Utilizing its deep technical expertise, the company is looking at global expansion of its analytics projects. The year 2018 is envisioned to take a big leap in 3SC analytics with the launch of its in-house predictive modelling tool. It is continually working to leverage futuristic technologies such as IoT and Blockchain to build smarter solutions for its clients. 3SC is powered with a highly motivated and customer-centric workforce firmly determined to tackle every supply chain challenge and provide scalable, sustainable and system-driven solutions for the same- the 3S of success.