Stratum: Refrigeration & Beyond

Sivakumar R Nair,Chief Consultant

Sivakumar R Nair

Chief Consultant

From the farm to the consumption, the low-temperature sup-ply system and logistics are quite crucial and beneficial for the cold-chain industry to function efficiently. Stratum Project Consultants, for a decade, is one such leading consulting organization engaged in offering service solutions for the Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry. This Bengaluru based consulting company on Refrigeration based projects, whether it is commercial or Industrial in the areas of Food Processing, Pharma, and cold chain Industry.

Stratum focuses on the quality at every step to ensure the longevity of the project with operator-friendly design, lesser operational power consumption, and plant which will communicate. The company provides an after-project service consultancy to all its clients, which enables them to carry on the quality, safety, and energy saving of the system proficiently.

Consultancy at its Best
Stratum has expertise in various services viz. cold storage and cold chain industry, food processing industry, dairy industry, super/hypermarket refrigeration, transport refrigeration, process refrigeration in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and other industrial and commercial refrigeration services.

For the cold chain industry, the services start from evaluating the land for its suitability.
The company prepares a detailed layout considering and project requirements and any other specific requirements from the client. On approval from the client, detailed drawings shall be prepared suitable for structural coordination and there-by construction. In parallel, activities like project estimation, planning, and vender identification are carried out and necessary documentation is done. Also, Stratum uses a systematic approach to finalize all contractors and suppliers to get a high-quality product at the most reasonable and affordable price. Since the company does Design and Project Management for the total project the additional cost incurred by appointing a turn-key contractor is eliminated. This also ensures a high-quality project with optimized project cost. Stratum provides all the support and ensures that the project is commissioned and handed over as per the design requirement.

With refrigeration and cold chain industry expertise, Stratum is the most preferred refrigeration project consultant for setting up value-based projects. Their project stand out in the industry for its quality, efficiency, and ease in operation

Also, Stratum offers excellent service in the modernization of existing storage or refrigeration plants, as it is necessary for safe and efficient operation, by using the latest technologies. Even after the completion of the project, the company provides its consultation that provides comprehensive technical support in its day to day operation and maintenance.

As the business slogan suggests "Refrigeration and Beyond" over the years Stratum has proved its capability beyond refrigeration. What stands out at Stratum is its ability to take up the project from scratch. Usually, refrigeration consultants limit their knowledge very specific to refrigeration. But at Stratum, it starts with a basic layout develop to a detailed building drawing well suiting to structural drawings and the total engineering requirement of the project fully focused to meet every requirement of the project.

The design is not just focused on beauty or convenience but most importantly the efficiency and safety especially when the refrigeration system runs on Ammonia. They follow an "Inside Out" design methodology which makes their project comparable to International projects. Their adaptability to technology brings a different outlook for the project. And this is one such consulting company work along with the client for benefit of the project.