StratXG: Enabling Strategic Needs of Enterprises Using Knowledge Services and Innovative Technologies

Jagroop Singh,Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer

Jagroop Singh, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer

Mohenish Gupta, Chief Digital Officer

The IT industry in India has been a key part of the country's economic growth. In the financial year of 2019, the IT industry generated annual revenue of $180 billion, and it represented almost eight percent of the country's total GDP. The Indian IT services industry is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in the country with an estimated annual growth rate of nine percent. With around 75 percent of the total global IT workforce located in India, native IT companies have set up over 1000 centres in about 80 countries spread throughout the world. StratXG is a young and upcoming digital consulting company that provides practical perspectives and solutions, minimizes risk and offers profitable and sustainable growth to its clients. StratXG's core competency includes knowledge services, ground zero execution, leadership in industry re-engineering, compliance management and business model consulting.

Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra ­ StratXG has a pan India presence having branches located in major Indian metropolitan cities of Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata and Madurai. Over the years it has managed to build an international footprint in Singapore, UK and the US. Backed by a team of visionary leaders, the core team have expertise in program management in both B2B and B2C project environment, SME for project management and expertise in
learning modules such as animation and content & design development. StratXG has a strong technology partnerships in areas of Cyber security, IoT based solutions, technology integration and Process Digitalization. The company's strength lies in the sectors of ITeS, Core Infrastructure, Energy, Insurance, Banking and Financing, Utility and Telecom. Their technology practises capitalizes on disruptive technologies and delivers the desired business outcome. StratXG delivers quality of improvement through centre of excellence using Six Sigma, ITIL, project management, project maturity model via agile methodology.

In the E-education sector, StratXG has been heavily involved in e-Education - Learning & Development, Next Generation Practices for Corporates & Education Institutions - K12, Higher Education Institutes from Campus to Corporate. Well adept in providing all the necessary 21st century educational ecosystem needs such as smart classes, audio books, school management systems, StratXG is in a mission to support rural education in India by generating jobs in rural areas through helping in skill development with the help of training development domains like Six Sigma, Animation, Digital Education and Teacher training.

StratXG has been heavily involved in e-Education - Learning & Development, Next Generation Practices for Corporates & Education Institutions - K12, Higher Education Institutes from Campus to Corporate

The team's outcome based delivery approach enables project deliveries as per the requirement of the clients. During the short period of its operation, StratXG has managed to build strong rapport with a number of prominent clients which includes the likes of StatKraft, Toppr, Times Of India, Economics Times, and Leading Diamond Manufacturers, among many others. StratXG has had a memorable journey so far highlighted by the fact that it has received a number of prestigious awards. StratXG has been recognized as a Knowledge Partner by Tata Institute of Social Science -Mumbai. StratXG is also incubated by NITI Aayog under AIC-RNTU Bhopal. More so, StratXG has been Awarded Rising Star of the Year Award in Chief Strategy Officer's Summit & Award held in Mumbai.

The firm takes pride in being a Strategic Partner with Economic Times HSMS 2020.

StratXG is committed to be on Mission Oriented approach to deliver value to its clients through its Core values -trust, integrity, Collaboration, Innovation and Governance.