SubDivo: Decades of Experience in Rendering Innovative & Safe Rope Access Methodologies

Rope Access is a form of work technique which was initially developed from the techniques used in Mountain Climbing and Caving, to allow workers access to otherwise difficult to reach locations. Rope Access Trade is an innovative access methodology towards optimization of Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Budget of the Industries, especially in the oil & gas sectors. Shaheer Naranath is an ardent promoter of Rope Access Methodologies who has been involved in Rope Access since 2002 in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Since then, Shaheer Naranath has been directly involved in the training and Employment of 1,000+ of licensed Industrial Climbers from India, Nepal, South Africa, UK and the Philippines. After gaining 23 plus years of valuable experience outside India in the Rope Access industry and intending to work towards the betterment of the economy of the country, Mr. Shaheer Naranath laid the foundation of the SubDivo business unit in Kerala, India.

Mohamed Shaheer Naranath,Managing Director

India's first-ever professional licensed Rope Access Safety Supervisor, Kannan K Bharathan, was being promoted by Shaheer Naranath and who is still in association with SubDivo. The Rope Access Methodology had been presented to the HR Ministry of India in 2016 and the skill was being displayed at "Skill India Tableaux" at the Republic Day Parade of 2017 as well. The organization follows the values of committed workmanship, without compromising the safety and quality at the same time. SubDivo utilizes the Rope Access Methodology for per-forming inspection, installation, repair, dismantling and maintenance activities which are otherwise difficult or time-consuming activities. SubDivo offers certified specialists that could take up critical repair & maintenance activities at difficult to reach areas or execute the scope of work in a shorter period of time.

Pioneers among the Indian Rope Access Providers
The BPCL Mahul Refinery located in Mumbai
- One of India's oldest refineries established in 1955 has been one of the first beneficiaries of the Rope Access Methodology in India.

In recent times many companies have started using SubDivo's Rope Access Methodologies to their specific project requirement and have profited immensely. To this end, M/s IPPL, a joint venture of two Fortune 500 Companies of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd & Petronas Malaysia had approached with their challenge of performing the maintenance repairs and painting of 60-Mtr Flare Stack during a 20-days shutdown period which was impossible with conventional access option such as scaffolding or MEWP. SubDivo had been approached by IPPL for consultation, introduced the `industrial rope access' methodology, con-ducted a technical presentation to all concerned departments and developed a specific methodology to execute the scope of work during the 20-day shutdown duration.

The project was successfully completed with less than the allocated budget. Moreover, the task could be completed in the routine shutdown schedule of the plant, thus not affecting the scheduled production capacity.

Aspiring to grow further in the Indian Market
SubDivo's effort is to promote the innovative rope access methodology and grow in the Indian market to $100 mil-lion within the next 10 year period. The organization is also in the process of setting up facilities that include training centers, proven and competent team members by offering Employee Share Scheme.

In recent times many companies have started using SubDivo's Rope Access Methodologies to their specific project requirement and have profited immensely

As of now, the Rope Access trade is being controlled by certification from professional bodies from IRATA-UK (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and SPRAT-USA (Society for Professional Rope Access Technicians). The individual's certification and company's affiliations to either of these professional bodies are relevant to fulfill the HSE & Insurance Regulations of Industrial Norms. SubDivo is taking initiative towards India's regulations & accreditation system for the Industrial Rope Access as well.