Sun-Moon Power: Enablers of Clean Energy Empowering People take Charge of their Energy

Raghav Agarwal,Co-Founder

Raghav Agarwal


Solar energy is at the crux of an evolution, and directing the energy towards growth is Lucknow based Sun-Moon Power (S-MP). Enablers of clean energy, the organisation is a prominent Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Commissioning) that aims to reduce dependency on the non-renewable resources and help customers engage in cost-efficient alternatives. “To make going green as easy as possible, we manage every aspect of a solar project from start to end. We religiously follow our strict policy of using ‘Made in India’ modules and ensuring cost efficiency without compromising on the quality,” states Raghav Agarwal, Co-Founder, Sun-Moon Power.

Tailor-Made Solutions
Holding an enviably vast industrial experience, S-MP understands customers’ needs and only suggests products that are
reliable,efficient, built-in-class, and brands whose service is of excellent quality. Moreover,they educate their clients about the process and allows them to take the final call on the products & services. S-MP provides many companies and clients with diverse array of products & tailor-made services, created with the greatest degree of precision and care. “We highly focus on designing the system with minute details like from which solar module to what kind of nuts & bolts to be used,” adds Raghav.

"S-MP is an expert in Solar Rooftop Installations and so far has commissioned power plants that are unique & challenging, and required engineering & designing with utmost care"

The organisation is an expert in Solar Rooftop Installations and so far has commissioned power plants that are unique & challenging, and required engineering & designing with utmost care. For instance, S-MP once commissioned a solar power plant on Oil Refinery Tanks which is the most unique power plant with state-of-the-art installation in the whole of India. Furthermore, the solar plants designed and installed by its team of experts have time again proven their worth by delivering high-performance output, better durability and high ROI. Raghav further adds, “We
have a list of quality checks when we install and commission any solar power plant. We ensure the power plant commissioned adheres to all the Central Ministry (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) standards, electricity regulations and State policy”. The team also offers prolific Utility Scale Grid-Tied System, Solar Stand-Alone/Hybrid Off-Grid Systems, Solar Energy Equipments and Solar Home Lighting System.

Innovation at its Crux
S-MP caters to several high-end private banks, commercial building owners and customers, fulfilling their electricity needs, while substantially reducing the cost incurred, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The team is currently working on using micro inverters and string optimisers that can enhance the performance of each solar module individually in a set of strings with multiple modules connected. A recipient of Uttar Pradesh Solar Energy Leadership Award - 2018, the company is working tirelessly to provide optimized solar solutions for long-term operations, for a sustainable future and cleaner environment. March 2018 was a benchmark and stepping stone for S-MP, as it earmarked an yearly revenue growth of 270 percent. This year, the team hopes to increase the revenue by 300 percent.