Sunpower India Ventures Pvt Ltd. A Customer Centric EPC Company

Mayank Khandelwal,Founding Member

Mayank Khandelwal, Founding Member

The highest form of prayer is to communicate with the universe and make our Mother Earth a better place for our descendant”, believes Praveen Madhav Sharma. Spending most of his life in rural India, Praveen has worked in the renewable sector for more than a decade. Sunpowerians staunchly believes in creating an eco-system to empower the surroundings for the benefit of society and nature. And some where this belief became one of the major driving forces behind the inception of Sunpower India. “The biggest driver led to the foundation of Sunpower India is the growing consciousness to mitigate climate change risks, empower rural India, building sustainable infrastructure and contribute to nature in every possible way,” says Mayank Khandelwal, Key Founder Member.

Known to be a company of contracting arrangements & Technical Consultants performing projects in Power Generation, Distribution, Transmission & Renewable Energy, Sunpower India acts as an EPC contractor or Consultants for all the activities from Site Selection and
Procurement, Viability Studies, Technical /Commercial Feasibility Analysis, Design, AC/DC works, Construction and Commissioning of Power Evacuation Network up to 400 kV on Turnkey Basis. The company’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provide bankable, innovative, and reliable solutions to esteemed clients around the globe. “We are able to provide a complete spectrum of services for EPC projects from viability studies to commissioning,” he says.

"Sunpower India provides a complete spectrum of services for EPC projects from viability studies to commissioning"

What makes Sunpower India stand out in the crowd is its WE CARE policy. Within a span of few years, we has delivered several power projects across India. “We care for our team, their family members, we care for our associated manpower (labourers), and we care for the society. We have got ourselves into many drives related to Safety and Health of our team and their family members and society as a whole,” he avers.

Overcoming the Challenges
Once considered a niche industry dependent on government subsidies, today the renewable industry is driven largely by economic realities, improved reliability and cost competitiveness backed by proven technology. Renewable energy is all set to aggressively power a greener tomorrow. Renewable energy has entered an exciting new phase and its growth is unstoppable. With huge opportunity to unlock, the biggest challenge remains delivery
within Cost, Time and with the highest precision of Quality and Safety.

Team Sunpower India understand this. They work with integrity and honesty to fulfil clients’ business requirements. Besides, they strive for excellence in achieving customers’ goals through strong leadership and commitment to the job at hand.

The Growth
Over the years, Sunpower India has registered steady growth. It started with a team of five and now has grown up to 18000 people directly or indirectly working with it. “We don’t have any hierarchy; we are a flat organization wherein every team members is like rays of the sun,” Mayank mentions. In terms of geographical presence, Sunpower India has worked in Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Odisha.

The company recently has introduced a digital way of society reforms – in the form of Also, it is in the process of providing Electric Bikes, Solar Charkha and Solar Sewing Machine to empower families of RURAL India. “We shall be soon coming up with our most ambitious platform of, a portal for the farmers and by the farmers. Also, we wish to empower every mother and every individual through ONEAPPINDIA. We shall upkeep all our endeavors in sync with Government’s mission to provide Green Power to Rural and Urban areas,” he concludes.