Sure Grow: Aeroponic & Hydroponic Vertical Farming Solution Providers

Viswanathan Nagendhiran,Director The adoption of modern technology in agriculture is challenging, as most of the innovation comes from developing countries. The Indian conditions, however, make it even more difficult or cumbersome for farmers to successfully implement them. Sure Grow, a subsidiary of Pennys worth Techno Farms Pvt. Ltd. coming to the rescue here simplifies the entire experience by Indianising the state-of-the-art agriculture technologies so that it is used, by the common farmers. Most importantly, it is also involved in training and back ending DIY(Do-it-Yourself) commercial installations by farmers, which is expected to result in immense cost savings and better RoI.

Marching towards transformation, Sure Grow, as a research based company focuses on `Computerized soil less Vertical Farming,'where it leverages on its inhouse expertise and capabilities for design development and production, right from Computer Software to Polyhouse design. This Coimbatore based Agritech startup has come a long way in the field of hitech farming. It believes that the success of any project lies in the 'Technical knowledge' to handle any contingencies and the experts involving themselves, right from the planning phase until harvest. "We have perfected the art over the years, and now we are very confident to offer services to our clients that will help them reap the complete benefit, "states Viswanathan Nagendhiran,

Today, Sure Grow offers a plethora of innovative farming techniques like hydroponics, aeroponic farms, urban farming solutions, and farm automation under one roof. "Technology development and upgradation need to be a continuous process, not only to deliver the best outcomes to our clients but also keep us ahead of the competition," says John Rolant Gini, Director. Innovation and client centricity at the heart of Sure Grow's operation, the company gives equal importance to Indian crops as well as exotic crops, offers simple solutions that have larger impact trains and supports its clients on a continuous basis, and automates processes by creating user friendly interfaces, thereby minimising human errors and reliability of projects.

Sure Grow offers a plethora of innovative farming techniques like hydroponics, aeroponic farms, urban farming solutions, and farm automation under one roof

Specialized in vertical farming, soilless farming, and protected cultivation, Sure Grow has etched a new stance in the industry by developing innovative products like 'Kissan Computer,' a platform that provides affordable and supports any crop, and any type of farming. Excited Nagendhiran says "Another application, a multilingual smartphone app is under development for the Indian farmers, which will be offering comprehensive consultancy services free of cost and can be accessed, through IoT or GSM network integrated with our 'Kissan Computer."

Growing organically, the company has had a steady growth trajectory, since inception and plans to start direct operations in a few countries that have similar conditions like India. "So far, we have been operating through our subsidiaries in these countries. We aspire to grow four fold in the present and coming financial year," shares Nagendhiran. Interestingly, through its inhouse R&D team it has identified highly profitable crops that will have an effective path to a steady and stern evolution. The company is pushing towards `Total Organic Computerized Vertical Farming Solutions,' as ‘Organic,' which ensures the cleanest food and is commercially viable. Also, it is actively growing the quality of the workforce by supporting the clients to execute projects at the highest standards and is honing skilled professionals. Finally, Nagendhiran concluding on a humble note says, "Food is the only thing that goes into a human body. However positioned you may be, you cannot ingest anything else. So, it is a noble profession to grow clean food, and a profession that can never die until mankind existence."