Surmount Business Advisors: Nurturing Business with Sustainable & Customized Business Solutions

Niraj Bora, Director
Niraj Bora, Director

Undeniably, every business undergoes various stages from planning, funding, execution, evaluating product market fit and marketing strategy, and implementing growth strategies to maturity, involving numerous big & small decisions. Many smart organizations nowadays seek the expertise of Corporate Advisory Consultants to show them light in the darkness, in order to explore their untapped potential with the right decisions and secure their future growth. One such expert who leaves no stone unturned to understand businesses & their challenges in growth is Surmount Business Advisory Private Limited, which provides customized solutions for financial aspects, growth traction, establishing scalable and sustainable business models and more. “By clearly understanding our clients’ business, we help leverage their strengths and optimize resource utilization. We help businesses to understand complicated financial products from various financial institutions after understanding their requirements and suitability,” says Niraj Bora, Director, Surmount Business Advisors.

Suitable Solution for Every Business
Along with end-to-end consultation (from incorporation to IPO advisory), the company offers A-Z service, including full service
boutique investment banking, including investing money in business for its clients and transactions it does. Surmount’s corporate advisory involves a deep dive into client’s business model, system and processes to understand their business’ strength & weaknesses, cash flow patterns to suggest sustainable & best fit financing options that optimizes the business growth without any ill effects. Surmount vests keen importance on delivery time for consultation /required funds, since it is a critical aspect for businesses to grow. However, the secret ingredient that has kept all of its clients tethered to Surmount in a long-term relationship ever since they joined hands with it, is the much-needed focus and attention it pays to every client, irrespective of their size.

"We help businesses to understand complicated financial products from various financial institutions after understanding their requirements and suitability"

The company offers growth strategy where it identifies new business models within the same business sphere and help in migrating to future-oriented business &sustainable pricing. Surmount also assists clients in ascertaining peer & industry benchmarks rations & other performance indicators that help in improvising businesses process, cost, and revenue parameters to eventually out perform their competitors. They use world’s best financial databases for corporates and Startups to identify trends within a business segment and help in implementing best business practices for its clients. The company even provides customized packages based on
time/efforts involved and clients requirements. Surmount constantly
performs deep learning in clients’ sector, analyzes & evaluates collected information and compares it with benchmarks(using some of the best industry information database /repositories)and shares key inputs with clients to help them take informed business decisions.

As most young entrepreneurs struggle to understand the role of finance in business, Surmount supports them as their advisor, which helps them establish financially sustainable & scalable business models to achieve their targets, unlike most investment bankers/advisors who are more focused on case to case work from clients. Maintaining an extensive industry-wise database of active investors through its dedicated tracking team, the company helps them with equity & debt funding as well. In certain business with high growth potential, the company takes up equity stake in the businesses instead of fees and work on an advisory partnership model. Currently, Surmount has stakes in five companies through the firm and/or promoters’ direct investments. To migrate to full service investment banking firm, it intends to increase its portfolio companies and transactions in the next few years.

Over the years, the sector-agnostic company has served across various clients from HNIs, Startups to MNCs, listed corporates Surmount intends to further strengthen its position in corporate finance and investment banking in higher ticket size deals and plans to build a portfolio/associate companies count of 15-20 in next five years and grow the existing portfolio to the next level.