Suvera Software Solutions: Driving Business Success through Comprehensive IT Solutions

Rajesh N,  Managing Director

Rajesh N

Managing Director

The RPA industry is growing rapidly, driven by trends like hyper-automation and cloud based solutions. Despite this growth, consumers face challenges in selecting the right RPA solution and seamless integration due to evolving technology and implementation complexity. Suvera Software Solutions, a leading RPA provider, offers tailored solutions to address these challenges. Leveraging AI and ML expertise, the firm enables businesses to optimize processes, boost efficiency, and achieve operational excellence confidently.

Suvera Software Solutions is a prominent Software Licensing and IT Solutions & Services provider, dedicated to delivering comprehensive advanced IT Solutions to various vertical customers. Its expertise lies in Robotic Process Automation, Market Research services, Mail migration, Cloud hosting, and Software licensing. Suvera Software’s primary USP revolves around providing the correct licensing model, ensuring clients benefit from optimized solutions aligned with its requirements and budget constraints. As a solution architect, Suvera Software excels in identifying precise licensing needs and implementing the most suitable license solutions for clients”, mentions Rajesh N, Managing Director, Suvera Software Solutions.

Standing Out
Suvera's primary focus is on endto-end Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments for valued customers. It
provides comprehensive services, starting from pre-sales support, including understanding client requirements and conducting proof-of concepts(POCs). The company also offers solution designing and supports Licensing supply and deployment, adhering to security norms. Suvera has a pool of senior technical RPA resources trained in-house, assisting in complete RPA Process Deployment at customer sites, considering project needs and budgets. The form offers two RPA deployment models contractual staffing and project outsourcing. After successful project completion, Suvera delivers Knowledge Transfer(KT) to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for seamless operations. Additionally, it provides Corporate Training to clients, ensuring smooth implementation and adoption of their solutions.

“Seamless coordination between CIOs and CFOs while adopting & deploying advanced smart IT solutions, like RPA, adds more value to companies in current industry scenarios to reduce overall Costs, Quick to Market, Quick to internal global employees and increase overall employees Productivity thus we have chosen RPA”, says Rajesh. He further adds, “The company trusts in complete solution offerings to our valued customers instead of partially to support them in meeting their business goals and delivers better RoI, so we have equipped ourselves as per market needs in RPA”.

Suvera is a comprehensive provider, offering not only RPA but also mail migration services as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) for M365 setup on various platforms. Cloud hosting is a key focus area, with strong associations with major vendors like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Market Research (MR) is an additional solution catering to clients in the US and the UK, across different industry verticals. As a dynamic system integrator,Suvera excels in connecting disparate systems and applications using cutting-edge solutions like RPA and AI, positioning itself amidst the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0.

Future Projections
Looking ahead to 2024, Suvera anticipates RPA and Market Research to remain at the forefront of its core offerings. With a decade of experience in software licensing, the company boasts partnerships with over 18 OEMs, including UIPATH, Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Graebert (2D CAD), REDHAT - IBM, Oracle, VMWARE, Sophos, AWS, and Dell. These alliances allow Suvera Software to provide clients with reliable licensing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Suvera Software Solutions stands out as a versatile and innovative IT solutions partner, offering specialized services in RPA, market research, mail migration, cloud hosting, and software licensing. With a strong emphasis on AI and ML-driven solutions, the company is well-prepared to meet the evolving demands of the industry and deliver optimal results for its diverse clientele.