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Vijayakrishnan Plakkat, Founder & CEO,Saravanan Varadharajan, Founder & COO

Vijayakrishnan Plakkat, Founder & CEO

Saravanan Varadharajan, Founder & COO

One of the protagonists in the movie - 3 Idiots, Farhan Qureshi while pursuing his engineering degree reveals, “I am scared that my father will not allow me to be a photographer”. The Bollywood movie, released in 2009, was a stinging satire on India’s higher education system and the convictions of the parents of our country about their children’s professions, which unfortunately remains the same even today. In a survey by International Career & College Counseling (IC3), career-concerns are the leading cause of higher stress levels among students and parents alike, while 98 percent of the respondent-universities felt that empowering students from the school level would better prepare them in their careers.

According to the HRD ministry, around 1.5 million engineers are released into the job market every year; among whom only around three percent are adequately qualified to be employed in the software or product industry. Despite the immense gap between being academia-prepared and industry-ready,, most parents and students restrict their career-radar into the aforementioned fields, thus missing out on multifarious lucrative career opportunities.

A super-niche consultancy based out of Bangalore - Talent2Success (T2S) is on a mission to bridge this long-ventilated gap between industry and academia through hi-technology and by inspiring students in recognizing their passions from school-level and educating them and their parents on varied career opportunities. More like Rancho, Farhan’s best-buddy in 3 Idiots, carved a profession from his passion. Starting at the school-level, T2S makes students interact with successful professionals (from an IPS officer to a Data Scientist) giving students a first-hand account of opportunities and dynamic challenges within respective professions. Using technology and face-to-face sessions, T2S enables comprehensive competency analytics and advisory services to both corporate and academia under one roof.

Inspiring Students to Widen their Horizon
The global technology space today is run by college-dropouts Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. It is therefore ironical that colleges persist in their ‘just academic’ approach and fail to envisage horizons beyond MNC-cubicles. In effect, students’ learning curve is restricted to textbooks and and not -‘Why am I learning this particular topic and what should I learn to fit into the industry?’ This is where Talent 2 Success acts as an elixir, staying strong on its mission to provide students with seamless access to vocational knowledge in the way they need it to be. Further with their top-up programs, students are encoured to turn their talent into success, thus making them industry-ready. In brief, T2S is an aggregator of knowledge, curating high-quality customized content in an extremely crisp and understandable manner to extent where even seemingly
below average students comprehend the subject. For instance, if it’s about learning trigonometry, T2S brings in a successful trigonometry practitioner, thus imparting first-hand practical knowledge.

Having on-boarded many prestigious educational institutions in India, T2Soffers solutions ranging from Competency Mapping (for Students & Faculty)and Admission, to Finance & Marketing Management and Legal Assistance

“With our out-of-the-box thought process and niche approach, we over the years have been providing colleges and schools with on-board solutions to make their students more employable, create better engineers, and ensure that graduates are more heterogeneous. Cut to the present, they have started realizing this dire need, which makes it a prodigious opportunity to serve millions of students,” asserts Vijayakrishnan Plakkat, Founder & CEO, Talent2Success. Commencing its operations as a traditional training company, and leveraging the opportunity to train 50000+ students has significantly helped T2S in diagnosing current academic and in turn molding into its new avatar as an end-to-end-technology suit. Having on-boarded many prestigious educational institutions in India, T2S offers solutions ranging from Competency Mapping (for Students & Faculty) and Admission, to Finance & Marketing Management and Legal Assistance.

Success Often Takes Walking the Extra Mile
On the flip side, there is a need to effectuate learning & development (L&D) in the corporate sector. To ensure effective contributions and excellence of candidates in their professional career, and in turn seal the gaps completely, it takes combating the sophisticated L&D challenges of various organizations with personalized solutions tailor-made for each. “The learning phase of two companies in the same domain could be entirely different,” adds Plakkat. Besides being the Indian partner of one of the world’s largest integrated learning management the system, T2S excels in combating challenges, owing to its technology plinth and extremely personalized, analysis-driven approach that ascertains benefits to each and every employee in the organization. With this motto, the company starts every project with a recce in the client-organization.

Spending a significant amount of time, T2S comprehends every client’s L&D challenges, including the level of employees’capacity and skills, through a systematic study; results of which are subject to an intricate analysis before solutions are devised. Plakkat’s company offers solutions for any need ranging from Pre-Hire & Lateral Hire to Competency Mapping of Internal Resources, Funding & Incubation, and Turnkey Projects Management. “We never impose ideas on our clients. Instead, we guide them. Even while creating a solution, our methodology is not to have a preset methodology, and this accounts for our engagement with a lot of startups from versatile industries with unique needs,”says Plakkat. Once the storyboard is approved, T2S’ deeply experienced content
developers and subject matter experts take charge, creating quality solutions that fit into the crater and aid in successful executions by investing the effort and service necessary.

One among the many who have met with this superlative level of customer-centricity was a reputed hospital in a Tier-3 city in India, as they deployed an effective L&D framework in their organization. The challenge however was quite problematic. While having a workforce with limited language expertise in English, the hospital management leveraged T2S’ subject matter experts to frame content only in English. At a time when L&D is computer-based pedagogy, T2S went one level further and started with English language classes, which made a considerably positive difference in the end result.

A Great Mission
“Our mantra is empowering rural India through the latest technologies,” says Plakkat who is proud of T2S’100 percent year-on-year growth so far but understands that challenges are the predominant teacher. T2S today also specializes in vernacular content creation to deliver services more effectively in Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities. Its workforce travels abreast of all latest developments in the knowledge and learning industry. The company believes in the adage, ‘If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers’,and thus maintains an ‘employee-first’culture with a flat organizational structure.

In pursuit of making a person industry-ready and employable, T2S’ blueprint for the next three years showcases the bigger picture - an aim to touch one million beneficiaries. “Due to convictions about professions and careers, a lot of students in our country struggle to keep up with the pressure. As our society continues to fail in respecting every profession equally, we will propel our endeavors to address this quandary, ”concludes Plakkat. Even a fraction of T2S’ success has to be celebrated, as it has broadening horizons for students in our country, with many more to come

Key Management:
Vijayakrishnan Plakkat, Founder & CEO
Vijay, a post graduate in Management from IMT Ghaziabad, has over 20 years of experience in Sales, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Revenue Generation and managing large accounts. He has an excellent track record of entrepreneurial ability, creativity and ingenuity to achieve organizational goals.

Saravanan Varadharajan, Founder & COO
Saravanan, a post graduate in Computer Applications from Anna Univerity, has more than 16 years of experience in the IT, Recruitment and Training industries. His expertise spans across Software Development, Project Management, and Skill Development.

Office: Bangalore
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