Tax Connect: Regulating & Implementing GST Transitions

Vivek Jalan,  Co-Founder

Vivek Jalan


Bringing into effect their over powering expertness Timir Baran Chatterejee and Vivek Jalan, instituted Tax Connect, a leading Professional services firm providing effective and quality solutions in Assurance, Taxation and Advisory services. From the moment GST took the lead in the Taxation system of the country, they formulated a notable feature that proffered guidance and solutions concerning the implementation, training, publication and well ordered GST transitions. In order to enable people understand the concept and working of GST, they launched two significant publications “GST Model Law 2016” and “Business Processes: A Technical Commentary” which received profuse admiration from the great professionals of the industry. Thus it may be argued that Timir and Vivek along with their partners Anindita Chatterjee and Subhashis Sarkar, fabricated a multidisciplinary organization to take responsibility and make arrangements for the various desideratum of the establishments. “Our objective is to develop valuable solutions based on the requisites of the stakeholders, helping them analyse and deal both legal and social responsibilities,” states Timir.

Tax Connect is a leading Professional services firm providing effective and quality solutions in Assurance, Taxation and Advisory services

Tax Connect has very aptly thrown light on the features of GST that had an impact on the functionality of the Trade and Commerce industry. This act of theirs’ played an important part in grabbing the attention of the government and fixing the tribulations of GST. To the present date, the company is still highlighting and resolving issues faced by organizations regarding GST, Income Tax, Customs, Service Tax, State Tax, International Taxation & Transfer Pricing and Foreign Exchange Regulation. These are available for all entrepreneurs, small, growing business or long established firm. However, all these services are composed by pundits of the industry. They own substantial knowledge and experience about this ecosystem. It is under their supervision that all result oriented solutions are sketched out based on the requirements of the clients. Hence, to keep the employees contended, the company practices a very positive and robust work culture. It shells out huge amount of money in Training and Development programmes, owing to the fact that it will enhance employee satisfaction, morale and creativity. “Tax Connect is fortunate to have such a prolific team. And spending for their upliftment and benefit is a pleasure for us,”he avers.

Apart from the above mentioned services, the company also bestows advisory & consultancy
services, publications, workshops and media. Through advisory services it aims to provide business solutions and strengthen the hands of the stakeholders so as to thrive in the competitive environment.To which he adds, “We have been moulding panaceas and implementing GST in large enterprises across the nation since inception. We have also devised Sustainable Stakeholder values for myriad of business.”

Timir Baran Chatterejee

Over the years, Tax Connect has made enormous success. It has expanded its business in all the major cities of the country. It has stationed its centres in Hyderabad,Chennai, Guwahati and Ahmedabad. Within three years the company has brought in 60 tax experts that embellished its overall performance and significance. As year passed on, it kept on increasing and fortifying its services and offerings in various domains.

In the upcoming years, Tax Connect wishes set itself as a Multidisciplinary Institution in Business Solutions. It is of the opinion that delivery timely and excellent solutions can enable it gain sustainable growth over a long period of time. It aims to be a one stop firm, dealing with all sorts of taxations and proffering solutions practicing a collaborative model.