TC Consultancy: Offering Client-Centric & Sustainable Solutions to Successfully Manage Construction Projects

Sithick Mohamed ,MDThe construction & engineering industry is vigorously thriving, but regulatory concerns, rising costs, and several other issues can make it challenging to turn a profit even when exceptional demand is taken into account. Therein lies the value of professional project management consultants who are equipped with the skills to provide precise coordination with innovation and excellence while creating an enabling environment for various stakeholders to bloom.

Established in 2005, a dynamic consultancy with nearly two decades of experience in the Architectural, Engineering & Construction industry, TC Consultancy is leading the UAE market through its tailormade approach to diverse construction projects starting from the pre-design and planning phase to monitoring progress and securing completion.

What makes TC Consultancy stand out from the crowd is its passionate team members leveraging their years of international experience to provide specialization in Cost Management, Quantity Surveying Services, Contract Management, Procurement Strategy, Dispute Resolution Services, Project Management Services, and Project Development. Their vision is clients’ success and with the same commitment they have successfully completed 500+ projects worth four billion dollars, 50+ government projects, and 70 percent repeat clientele to date. They believe they only succeed when their clients succeed.

Innovative Customized Solutions
TC Consultancy, over the years, has laid emphasis on value engineering and cost control measures.
It optimizes its clients’ business objectives by achieving a balance of performance and expenditure and consequently turning their imagination into reality. Its conscious efforts are always to identify and reduce all avoidable expenditures like maintenance costs, latent risks and thereby safeguarding the interest of its client and providing a measurable difference to the projects it undertakes. The company has a close working relationship mostly with direct developers, architects, lead consultants, project management companies, and contractors. This enables its quantity surveyors to provide the most comprehensive market-leading advice to clients.

"The firm is armed with proactive thinkers and therefore it reflects in its integrated approach, be it technological advancements and BIM, incorporating due diligence to maintain quality and trust, promoting environmentally sustainable projects and designs, investment in the professional development of its team, or fostering a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation", shares Sithick Mohamed, MD. With its clientcentric approach, TC Consultancy aligns itself with clients’ needs. To enhance and protect its clients’ investments it promotes sustainable development by working to optimize whole-life costs and minimize environmental impacts throughout project design, construction, and operation.

TC Consultancy’s reputation & success have been built on its commitment to timely project completion, excellence & innovation

The Future Roadmap
With the ability to lead, innovate, adapt, and engage with stakeholders, TC Consultancy focuses on reaching new potential clients and the company has joined hands with many established clients from the market. It is designing the organization towards a digital roadmap encouraging innovation and research in the field. It looks forward to continuously monitoring the market to identify trends, emerging technologies, and client needs while staying updated on sustainability trends in construction and incorporating corporate social responsibility practices.

With the vision to create a comprehensive offering and maintain strong client relationships, TC Consultancy is aspiring to form strategic alliances with construction firms, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders in the industry and deliver high-quality services and excellent customer support.

TC Consultancy’s reputation and success have been built on its commitment to timely project completion, excellence, and innovation. The company is gaining a significant competitive edge by developing new services and improving its processes. Its strategic and visionary leadership in adapting to market changes has guided the company toward long-term goals.