Team Sustain: Engineering Green Solutions

George Mathew,Founder & CEO

George Mathew

Founder & CEO

Paris records the highest temperature of 108.7°F (42.6°C) recently, making international headlines, and suddenly everyone is losing their mind. Times are changing, and people have become eco-savvy more than ever. They are becoming serious about reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Today, every brand, institution, and enterprise are under a massive threat, and business leaders need to rethink and re-engineer their processes & operational methodologies/techniques and adapt to more sustainable and eco-friendly practices. However, failing to comprehend may result in a catastrophic impact of climate change on the world. Now is the time to act, for real.

"Going green is no more a social choice; it's the need of the hour! However, the good news is that it's profitable!" exclaims George Mathew, Founder & CEO, TeamSustain. Upgrading to clean energy techniques/solutions by leveraging in the latest technology products can be beneficial, as it directly impacts the bottom-line of the business in terms of cost-saving, increased efficiency, and better outcomes in reducing the Environmental footprint. For business it's become more imperative that they focus on the Environment impact of their operations as it will have a clear bearing on the sustainability of their business in the future. The world is changing, and consumers are becoming conscious of the choices they have, and its only business which care and contribute positively to the environment will survive in the future.

Instrumental in changing the perspective of people in the industry, TeamSustain has been at the forefront of innovation since 1994, and among the first Clean Tech companies in the world. Today it's one of the leading clean and green technology solution providers that offer premier quality and cost-effective solutions for sustainable resource utilization to markets around the world. The company provides a complete range of sustainable solution and services which also include unique patented technologies.

Probably the only company in the world with expertise and execution experience across the various domains of Clean Technology ­ Energy Efficiency & Management, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Waste to Energy, Wind Energy, Small Hydro, Smart Micro Grid Solutions, Energy Storage, EV, E-Boating and Carbon Footprint Management.

The Company provides Design, Engineering and Consultancy / Technical Support Services to clients in the USA, India, Australia, Singapore, S. Korea, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia Vietnam and the Middle East. And across various sectors, which include Hospitality, Health, NGOs, Telecom Tower Companies, Banking, Rural Electrification, Govt. agencies, Airports, Ports and Power Plant developers.

Some of the clients include Fortune 500 companies like American Tower Corporation, Quanta Power Services, Virgin Investments, etc., who have benefited from the innovative and out of the box thinking of the team at TeamSustain

The company has till date executed projects in more than 20 countries for these clients, across varied geographies and geopolitical regions.

Creating Opportunities in Clean Energy Landscape
Based out of Kochi, TeamSustain has come a long way. The founder, Mr. Mathew, started taking baby steps towards building sustainable solutions from his college days where he worked on a solar thermal project. That further propelled him to work in the field of clean energy space and led him to intern with one of the first Solar solutions providers, Tata BP Solar. Inspired by nature as a child, he realized early on the importance of reducing our ecological impact on the environment. He saw this as also a business opportunity ­ to help clients across all spectrums reduce their Carbon Footprint, and at the same time, help them save on operational cost with an attractive ROI. "Nothing could be more fulfilling than to earn a living by helping our clients save money and at the same time save our Planet," says Mr. Mathew. "Our projects have helped save Millions of tons of harmful Green Houses and other pollution into our atmosphere and will continue to save Millions more over its life time - thus directly helping mitigate Climate change and save lives. Our projects have also been catalyst for development across the developing world ­ helping to improve quality of life in the regions we operate, leading to Sustainable Development."

In 1994, he set up TeamSustain. "The clean energy products and solutions were all expensive, and most of it was driven, by Govt. subsidies and incentives. We saw a huge gap in terms of product quality and technology, we entered the market with full sway and with the mandate of providing Clean Tech solutions using the most latest technologies from across the world, and adopting it to solve real world problems in the developing world" recalls Mr. Mathew, he says, "During that time frame, Kerala's iconic houseboats were still in its infancy stage, and the whole tourism space was evolving. We saw an immense opportunity in the travel and tourism space and decided to help the hoteliers and resort owners to adapt to green energy. That was just the start!"

As time progressed, TeamSustain began to work across multiple industries, executing one project after another. However, it got its first break with CGH Earth Hotels, Kerala, (formerly Casino Group of Hotels). They were the first company in the hospitality space in India to have implemented eco-friendly practice in their resorts, and TeamSustain was both the knowledge and solution partner. TeamSustian has since then established bench marking projects in the industry which include the World's largest Solar Powered (off-grid) Resort, the World's first Energy Autonomous Commercial Complex, World's first Solar Powered Home Stay, Solar Powered Telecom Towers, Solar powered Light Houses, Waste Plastic to Energy plants, Solar Powered boats, Waste to Energy plant and the list goes on ... TeamSustain was setting new standard in, and for the industry. There was no stopping for them.

We were also the first to enter the boating sector with the concept of E-Boating (we even probably coined the term E-boating). Mathew says, "Launching our first Solution in 2008 with the largest Solar Powered Boat in Asia (Limca book of records) and then again in 2009 with the fasted Solar Powered Boat (Limca book of records). Today, it's a different story altogether, the Govt. is putting in a lot of effort, and is taking things seriously, and is bringing in new projects, be it electric, solar or hybrid. It's our aim to help convert millions of polluting boats across the developing nations into emission free boats. We are presently working on a distributive business model to make this happen.
Sailing against the wind, the company has executed an array of projects across varying capacities in the clean energy and consulting space in Maldives, Africa, Australia, Srilanka, and the USA, amongst other international markets. Also, it is associated with some of the large corporations and Fortune 500 companies, where it has successfully executed green-technology projects for them. "All of this was possible because of our team's credibility, and out-of-the-box thinking that they deliver to add value and create impeccable results for our clients," avers Mathew, confidently. Virgin Investments (USA), American Tower Corporation, Vitol, Trojan Battery Company( USA), SonevaFushi Resorts ( Maldives) are to name a few of our prestigious clients.

TeamSustain consists of eminent industry professionals and veterans with minimum experience of 25 years working in various domains like hybrid technology, micro-hydro, waste to energy, solar PV and thermal, Green Buildings, amongst others. "As a green consulting company, we are specialized in energy efficiency and energy management and application engineering of Clean Energy Technologies. That is one of our fortes. In addition to this, we are also into de-carbonizing brands, where we help companies in reducing carbon footprint through aligning process and systems," elucidates Mathew, throwing light on the flagship offerings.

Going green is no more a social choice; it's the need of the hour! However, the good news is that it's profitable!

"Today, we have become a one-stop-shop green technology solution provider. Having executed projects successfully for the last 25 years, we have seen the technologies evolve over the last two decades - we have practical knowledge, insights, understanding, or data of what works and want doesn't? Our team has executed projects in more than 20+ countries, which gives us a distinct advantage on understanding how we need to adapt technology, the challenges, RoI, all under one roof!" he adds, passionately.

Innovating a Zero-Carbon Future
Initially started with just three people, at present, the company has grown to a 40+ member team. Celebrating its 25th year, the company has executed a plethora of green tech projects to its clients across industries and regions.

The company has its offices in Australia, Oman, and the USA, and has executed projects across 20+ countries, covering the Middle East, APAC, Australia, and North America regions. Mathew concluding on a serious-note says, "Our in-house R&D team is working tirelessly to innovate and re-iterate all the possible solutions to reduce carbon footprint across industries. We are working on various solutions and technology for a zero-carbon future. It's time we all go green, sustainable, and preserve our nature. Unfortunately, as far as nature is concerned, we are already at a loss of time. Our teams strive to find sustainable and financially viable solutions to real world problems. One of the key areas we are presently working on is to Clear our Rivers and Oceans of Plastic and other non-biodegradable waste and convert them to usable fuel."

Leaving no stones unturned, TeamSustain provides Consultancy and Advisory services for Clean Technology implementation, in the following sectors: Telecom, Health, Hospitality, Building & Townships, Airports, Power Utilities, Ports, Rural & Village Electrification, Blue Economy, and Waste Management.

George Mathew, Founder & CEO
A mechanical engineer by trade, Mathew has worked for over 25 years in the field of green energy. He has spearheaded many innovative clean energy projects. Under his leadership, TeamSustain has successfully executed 1500+ major projects across the world.

He has specialized in solar PV, solar hybrid, energy storage technologies, telecom, smart micro grid, waste to energy, smart energy integration, e-boating, carbon management, and energy efficiency & management, amongst others.

In addition to this, he is also the Chief Technical Advisor to Backbay Capital Partners Pte Ltd, Singapore.

He was recently included the Global Listing of the 51 most Influential Persons in the field of Solar

He has registered for 32 design Patents and has been awarded 2 Patents (Rotary Kiln Waste Gasification) till date.

Clean Tech Solutions Offered By Teamsustain:
• Grid-tie/On-grid Solar PV Systems
• Off-grid Solar PV Systems
• Solar Systems
• Solar & Electric Powered Boats & Ferries
• Telecom GreenSolutions
• Waste Management and Waste to Energy Solutions
• Smart Village Micro Grids
• Energy Storage & Virtual Power Plants
• Eco Resorts ­ end to end solutions
• Wind Energy
• Carbon Footprint management
• R&D Services and more...

Awards & Accolades:
• TeamSustain has been awarded the Solar Innovation & Excellence Award 2016 by Mission Energy Foundation, Mumbai for the category of Innovation Project (Off-Grid scale)
• TeamSustain won the Intersolar Award 2015 for design and engineering of the SunRider Solar Boat.
• TeamSustain won the Intersolar Award 2014 for Remote Telecom Solar Solution.
• TeamSustain is an authorized channel partner of MNRE and has been awarded the credit rating of SP ­ 1A by India Ratings & Research, Rating Agency in 2017. This rating indicates the highest performance capability and Financial strength of TeamSustain.
• TeamSustain won the Energize Award 2013 for Excellence in Off-Grid Projects. The Award was supported by CNBC 18 and Ernst & Young.
• The Solar boat Sun Rider developed by TeamSustain is the fastestSolar powered boat in Asia and the first production model Solar Powered Boat in India and was included in the Limca Book of Records in the year 2013.
• TeamSustain's two prestigious projects - Malankara Plantations, Kottayam & Hibiscus Villa, Alleppey in Kerala got nominated for InterSolar Award 2013 for the 2nd consecutive year
• TeamSustain is in the list of Channel Partners Accredited by the Ministry for Off-Grid and Decentralized Solar Applications under JNNSM as from 2012.
• The 65 KW Solar Power Project at Spice Village, Kumali (Casino Group of Hotels) Project has been nominated for the InterSolar Award for the year 2012, which is designed, installed and commissioned by TeamSustain under the category of Off- Grid Solutions.
• TeamSustain was selected for the Kerala State Energy Conservation Commendation Certificate 2012 ­ in recognition of Research & Development in the field of Energy Efficiency.
• TeamSustain has been awarded the International Boating Award (IBA) for Responsible Tourism in the year 2009.
• The solar boat Surya, developed by TeamSustain has been included in the Limca Book of Records in the year 2009 as the largest solar boat in Asia.

• TeamSustain is an ISO 9001:2008 company certified by TÜV SÜD for the design assembly, installations, commissioning and servicing of solar energy based power generations and water heating projects making it one of the few companies in the world to have achieved ISO 9001 for Design & Engineering of Solar PV and Thermal Systems.

• TeamSustain was awarded with SE - 1A rating by NSIC ONICRA Credit Rating Agency in 2009, the first Clean Tech Company in India to achieve this. This highest category rating is given for highest performance capability and high financial strength.
• Kerala State Energy Conservation Award in 2002 for executing the World's Largest Solar Rural Electrification Project- 400 houses in a single village.
• TeamSustain is a registered vendor with UNIDO for Alternative Energy Technology and Products.
• TeamSustain was invited by UNIDO for conducting feasibility studies of converting Water Hyacinth to usable energy.
• Rectification and successful commissioning of 100 tpd Waste to Energy gasification plant in Seoul, South Korea (installed by another vendor).
• TeamSustain has been identified as the sole supplier of equipment for Waste to Energy Gasification equipment by State University of New York, Cobleskill, New York, USA. A project funded by the Department of Defence and Department of Energy, USA.
• The Northern Arizona University, USA has chosen TeamSustain to be its preferred supplier for Solar PV systems for its sponsored projects in the Asian Region.
• TeamSustain was appointed Technical Partner for Design & Engineering, Project Management in the year 2014 for Quanta Tower Gen Pvt. Ltd. and Quanta Power Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., a 100 percent subsidiary of Quanta Services Inc, USA, which is amongst the Fortune 500 companies (Topco Quanta Services [NYSE: PWR])
• TeamSustain was appointed as External Consultant for Trojan Battery Company, USA, the world's oldest and Largest Deep Cycle Battery manufacturer 2015
• TeamSustain was appointed as External Consultant for Virgin Investments ­ BMR Energy in 2017 for Design & Engineering and Technical Due diligence for Solar and Telcom Projects in the Caribbean regions