Techbooze Consultancy Services: Always A Step Ahead In Business Consultancy

Subhashis Kar,FounderA lot claim to be in the game but only a few know how to sustain. Such is the sector of business consultancy not only in India, but across the whole world. Sustainability in the domain of consultancy comes from goodwill and hard gained insights which turn into the most trusted assets of the company. This is the only reason why many a company fails to make itself recognized in this sector. And when it comes to start-up funding and consultancy, reputation is the most important USP that a business must have in order to hold business at large.

Techbooze Consultancy Services based out of New Delhi, India is a service-based enterprise working across the globe. The company operates with a mission to improve the quality and standard of the Start-up Ecosystem and also provides several other Professional Consultancy Services, by creating a Forum based on `Working with Trust'. The company not only circumscribes the services based on Start-up Funding but also takes pride in other professional consultancy service areas.

"We have an open online platform in which thousands of start-ups register themselves every day. It is a really strong database that helps us build our plans around the start-up ecosystem. It takes up to two months for a shortlisted start-up to receive funding and until then we do not charge a penny. We charge only after the business has received its funding and is set to use to for their business. A start-up can get rejected up-to five times on our platform and only after the fifth registration we start charging nominal registration fees. So, there is complete independence for any wannapreneur to get their ideas tested for funding up to five times for free which is an excellent opportunity looking at the current market scenario," states Subhashis Kar, Founder & CEO, Techbooze Consultancy Services.

The Perfect Symphony Of Services
Every start-up needs guidance until it reaches the point where it can take independent financial and management decisions. Techbooze is one of those firms which starts helping start-ups from a seed stage and sometimes from pre seed stage too to achieve their business goals and funding at the same time. The open Techbooze platform for start-up funding registrations is not only limited to the companies in India but 53 countries all across the world. It is like a global connection establishing platform where start-up gets funded by investors from all around the globe.

The company provides start-up plans which include all the plans required in order to raise funding not only from investors but also from banks or other private financiers. Here they provide everything in a curate and summarised way. It will include Certified B-plan, C.A. Certified financial plan, marketing plan, tailored marketing plan and the most important investment pitching deck. All the Plans are made by the Top Experts of their respective fields. There is never any compromise in the quality of the products.
"Investor's Forum is where a Start-up/Business can raise Investments for their Company from 418+ Investors worldwide. It is a Forum where the Portfolio of a Start-up/Business is being showcased in front of 418+ Investors. If any of the Investors get interested in a Start-up/Business, the Process of Funding starts, and a desired amount of funding is raised by that Company. The funding amount varies from 100K USD to 100M USD for a single entity based on the stage of its Business Operations," says Subhashis.

"Start-ups can submit their growth plans, and other documents for review - as and when, any investor expresses his interest, he/she will reach out to Techbooze for more information. Soon after, Techbooze consults those start-ups and helps them be on par with the investor's expectations, and helps the start-ups pitch to them and raise funds for their growth needs," the Founder & CEO adds.

The company operates with a mission to improve the quality and standard of the start-up ecosystem and also provide several other professional consultancy services

The company provides Digital SEO Services to the Start-ups/Business or Individuals also. Their services include Digital marketing of the website, bringing the desired amount of authentic visitors to the website (varies based on the package purchased), Certified Global and Country-based Alexa Rank, Google Analytics Verified Users, Google Page Ranking.

Story Since Inception
Techbooze Consultancy Services was primarily a UK based firm where its operations were limited to investment procedures and the education development sector. Subhashis, joined the company as a production head, and later when the company went undervalued, he bought the naming rights since Techbooze had some brand recall and a strong network. He leveraged the network of investors and focused towards diverting the company's focus from enterprises, towards start-ups. According to the Founder & CEO, Startups are more growth-hungry; they know very well that if they fail, there's no second chance - such is not the case with enterprise businesses; they always have backups.

As it stands, Techbooze Consultancy Services facilitates 360-degree support for start-up funding - starting right from understanding the current position of the company, i.e., where do they fit in - seed round or angel; creating investment plans, pitch decks, go-to-market strategy, and a lot more.

The company is all set to launch its office in Bangalore sometime in 2021 which will be a five storied building from which the first three floors will be a mall for start-ups. There will be specific departments of query for each and every business aspect which will be free for wannapreneurs all across the country. Techbooze will also have the facility of e-mall where people outside Bangalore can also explore their list of services and avail the same, sitting in a distant location.

“Techbooze consultancy services facilitates 360-degree support for start-up funding”

“Enterprises and publicly-listed firms have multiple ways to raise funds, but start-ups are genetically dependent on investors and venture capital firms during the incubation phase. Being bootstrapped at the start, there's little these start-up founders can do to scale further when there is a lack of investor support,” said Subhashis.

Mapping The Road Ahead
Since 2016, it has been a very successful ride for Techbooze and it has facilitated many businesses in growth and in receiving funding from several investor. There are however plans to grow the overall business by opening up the category of investements (less than 1 million USD) for start-ups and emerging businesses. As of now, the company cannot generally raise funding for less than 1 Million USD but in a very short period of time, they want to open gates for smaller funding, in the form crowd- funding as well. And eventually, they want to add it to the network of investors as well. Every businessman or individual who has a small amount for investment can consult Techbooze and it will take care of the operations from thereon.

"We want to create a global forum for start-ups and investors where everyone will be able to get benifited. It will create the best opportunity for investments for start-ups and even emerging companies from all around the globe," concludes Subhashis.