Techved Consulting: Transforming Businesses Globally with Advanced UX/UI Solutions

Mohar V,,Business Evangelist

Mohar V,

Business Evangelist

The appeal of an intuitive and artistic UX/UI has helped many applications and products gain popularity. UX/UI determines the ease and efficiency with which a person uses a digital product; but customer satisfaction cannot be tied to just the quality of the UX/UI that an application presents. Standing at the juncture of user experience and enhanced ROI for clients on a digital asset, TECHVED Consulting (a global UX/UI Design powerhouse) provides cutting-edge solutions to drive digital transformation across India, South-East Asia and other continents. Under the leadership of Neha Modgil, an absolute UX visionary (one of the best known industry experts globally) transforms conventional businesses and gives them an edge over the competition – whether global or local, by ensuring customer satisfaction.

Working on three cornerstones – global, across domain and across digital formats, TECHVED take cares of the entire gamut of UX/UI design from Concept to go-to-market analytics & post go-live support on continuous basis. “Our key service offerings are UX/UI design for Web, Mobile and Wearable products. We highly use AR,VR,and MR tools for UI development. We do a lot of
product innovation for digital assets, enterprise wise UX and digital strategy across products & geographies, have robust research & user end size aggregator through user researches, and analytics driven design convergence,” says Mohar V, Business Evangelist, TECHVED Consulting.

We do a lot of product innovation for digital assets,enterprise-wise UX and digital strategy across products & eographies, have robust research & user-end size aggregator through user researches, and analytics driven design convergence

Thus by not restricting its services to the implementation of a design, TECHVED accompanies clients from the onset of their renovation journey through its research and analytics. After comprehending the CTAs (calls to action) that businesses look for, TECHVED works on increasing them through its analytics driven design solutions. Matrix defined at the beginning of an engagement like increase in legion/product discovery/cross selling are evaluated once the product goes live, and the numbers are churned instantly and delivered to the clients with zero delay. “What we bring to the table is a very good understanding of human behaviour on digital assets or the human mental model, and solution around that,” says Mohar.

The company gets involved with clients and strategize to help them create business solutions which
are not just successful today but they stand the test of time in the future economy as well. For instance, the run away success of Kotak 811 mobile app from Kotak Mahindra Bank from brick and mortar to digital platform has become the testimony of UX/UI service standards that TECHVED offers. The concept of ‘India’s first downloadable account’ as the company claims, has been actualized through the ingenious services of Techved, which has virtually opened up a bank branch at every nook & corner of India.

Apart from being the industry leader in usability & UX/UI, the company provides UX/UI corporate workshops and trainings to evangelize the ecosystem. “We are working with few global IOT manufacturers on how their devices are going to connect, what kind of interface should be there, how it can be controlled by smart watches and others, and our company is committed on making them successful with our great UX/UI experience, sooner or later,” assets Mohar.

The Future of TECHVED Consulting

The decade old company has been in existence when the concept of UX/UI had not attained the reputation that it has now. With presence in India, China, Australia and UAE, TECHVED has been growing exponentially with niche focus on UX/UI domain. Its 360° end-to-end digital solutions and cutting-edge innovations in terms of methodologies helps the company thrive and clients prosper on the digital platform. Moving forward, capitalizing on the opportunities that digitalization has opened up in India, the future of the company looks even brighter and promising.