Think Semi Infotech: Leaders Specialized In Design And Electronic Manufacturing

Sudharsan Ramajeyam,Managing Director

Sudharsan Ramajeyam

Managing Director

The market is changing rapidly with the ongoing expansion of the industry. In the manufacturing world, electronics manufacturers have grown into specialized niches, allowing customers to choose the perfect fit for their specific needs. Think Semi Infotech is one such original design manufacturer (ODM) that has been focusing on Electronic Manufacturing Service and providing solutions for the concept of Product.

Headquartered in Chennai, Think Semi plays the role of an Electronics ODM. With the increasingly evolving technology landscape, several businesses prefer to outsource a revolutionary product in its entirety - design, Electronic Components, manufacturing, fulfilment with short Lead Time, and support. The ODM relationship enables a well-branded company to focus on its products' sales and marketing, while the ODM takes responsibility for design and manufacturing.

Dynamic Team Of Experts
Think Semi is a leader in "Turnkey Solution" specializing in the design and electronic manufacturing of printed circuit board assemblies. The organization's creative solutions vary from system-level solution challenges to enhance material efficiency, ease of assembly, weight reduction, and production efficiency. Think Semi's engineering and manufacturing team is dedicated to helping consumers turn their ideas into a high-quality, profitable commodity.

The creative team of engineers and supply chain specialists whose industry-specific
expertise and ingenuity allow Think Semi architects to find a solution that satisfies the constraints of (any specific) business environment. The team provides electronic contract manufacturing services that are truly customized and tailored to consumer needs and specifications. Think Semi also focuses on process efficiency and effectiveness, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, defect prevention, supply chain optimization, and risk mitigation.

The company provides a wide variety of services from PCB assembly to complete box construction and post-manufacturing services. Responsiveness, versatility, and customer service are the key factors that set apart Thin Semi from its competitors. "The organization focuses on providing quality services, we have become one of the top global electronics manufacturing companies today." says Sudharsan Ramajeyam, MD, Think Semi Infotech. The organization can work with the customers to provide cutting-edge technology in the electronics manufacturing services that help manage costs while increasing durability and component reliability throughout its life cycle. Think Semi is well equipped with the latest technology automated machinery and supports high, medium, & low mix volumes for prototypes and mass production.

The creative team of engineers and supply chain specialists whose industry-specific expertise and ingenuit y allow think semi architects to find a solution that satisfies the constraints of (any specific) business environment

Think Semi develops durable hardware and embedded software for various medical equipment, industrial machines, and consumer products. With proven expertise in the platform's design and development, Think Semi Infotech delivers the highest quality and attention to the best value of the products. The versatility of the architecture allows updating the product with no alteration in the future. The rapid growth of the electronic industry renders certain parts obsolete in a brief period. The organization provides a functional substitute for electronic modules using the new technology and components. Think Semi would also decrease, equivalent in form fit, and function to the original. The substituted/ reverse engineered products are designed to meet or even excel the original.

"We are striving to extend our service in all the major cities in India. As of now, we focus on Automotive & Medical, further running towards the field of Agriculture and IOT", concludes Sudharsan Ramajeyam, MD, Think Semi Infotech.

Sudharsan Ramajeyam, Managing Director
Office: Chennai
Offerings: Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing