Third Space Consultants: Revolutionizing the Field of Structural Engineering with a Creative & Modern Approach

  Pranav Prabhakar,    DirectorThe Indian structural engineering market has been witnessing tremendous growth in the past few years. With unfortunate events like building collapse disasters happening in major cities across the country, government officials and related entities are recognizing the significance of structural engineering. With structural engineering becoming a crucial part of the designing and building process, there are remarkable decisions and changes taking place in the field. One such exceptional firm making a difference in this space is Third Space Consultants, a design and structural consultancy firm based out of Ludhiana, India. Founded in 2016, the company is comprised of competent professionals with sufficient resources and diverse experience cutting across markets, projects, and segments. Their commitment is to provide efficient engineering solutions centered tailored specifically to each client's unique needs.

USP of the Company
"The key features of our firm are speed, accuracy and quality", says Pranav Prabhakar, Director of Third Space Consultants. Furthermore, the company standouts from the others in the field for delivering projects in half of the time compared to the competitors. This thereby allows their clients to manage the overall cost of the projects efficiently. Secondly, Prabhakar emphasizes his team. The enthusiastic and young minds of Third Space Consultants are in their 20s-30s and technically sound and energetic. They bring a completely new and modern approach to their clients. At the same time, they are also supported by the senior industrial professionals and professors who mentors and guides them all along. Moreover, the whole team stays open minded in adapting as per clients requirement without compromising with technical aspects.
The various services offered by Third Space Consultants are structural designing of residential, commercial, industrial buildings, proficient in RCC and steel structure design. The teams also have capabilities of proof checking, project management, architectural and town planning. The company helps their clients with onboarding vendors and contractors. The company is trusted by their customers to guide them throughout the process with frequent site visits to reduce the construction errors. Besides, they also provide assistance with the compliance of the drawings being accurate or not. The drawings are taken care of in a way it is understandable to the layman with very minimal requirement of a technical person.

The key features of our firm are speed, accuracy and quality

Structural engineering is a field where technological advancements take place every year. The young team of Third Space Consultants effortlessly adapts very quickly to the modern technology and innovation. Most importantly, the company has knowledge of most of the latest structural designing and FEM software and it is also one of the reasons why they are able to stand out in the competition.

Third Space Consultants has been witnessing a 25-30 percent of revenue growth every year since its inception. They have grown to establish themselves in the industry and boasts of their prestigious client base. With current presence in Ludhiana and Bangalore and serving projects PAN India, the company has future plans to develop office in Gurgaon and Mumbai.

In other respects, Pranav is very keen in hiring the candidates who are passionate about structural engineering and can approach him via company portal or by email. The candidates will be trained to match with industry standard.