Tomorrow: Co-Creating Future Organisational Architectures

 Prithvi Shergill,Executive Partner

Prithvi Shergill

Executive Partner

Almost all the functional HR policies, processes, programs, and are designed and deployed with the idea that people are an asset and need to be 'managed'. But with changing times, paradigms need to change on how this is done. Amidst all transformations taking place, one question remains unanswered -how can line managers take more accountability for the people agenda. The challenge revolves around ensuring data they have is reliable, accessible and available, so information is trusted, translating this information to deeper insight, so it enhances the intelligence available to support the HR and line manager to make the right decision.

Prithvi Shergill, Kavitha Venkatachalam and Suman Akkiraju have been busy doing something about it! With access to combined experience of over 100+ years in building, growing and transforming functional HR, these Co-Founders have worked over many nights and month to structure and shape the process, people and product capability they have. “Tomorrow now launches insights 2morrow, a unique intelligent platform that augments analytics to predict and prescribe action. It will disrupt how HR professionals and line managers help the right people, build the right skills, to perform in the right
role, at the right time, investing the right cost, by answering a variety of questions in various business contexts,” says Prithvi.

"Tomorrow adds expertise to enterprises by enhancing data integrity, maturity, compliance and reliability and confidence in the recommendation engine deployed"

Squaring the Circle!
The expression 'squaring the circle' is sometimes used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible. Tomorrow does so with an applied, contextual design thinking capability to enable discovery of opportunities that enable impact on the 'as is' enterprise practice, define the 'to be' solution that maximizes returns and then deploy and deliver the digital transformation needed to realize the targeted benefits from the process, products used while making the experience distinctive for the people impacted.

The company’s founders and team are well- recognized for making things simple and possible - and doing what they say they will. Using the insights2morrow analytics platform, they enhance alignment, awareness, advocacy, assimilation, accountability and assure adoption. Prithvi shareds “By making improvements in the enterprise process, service and technology architecture, they positively influence individual and collective passion, proficiency, performance and productivity”.

Tomorrow adds expertise to enterprises by enhancing data integrity, maturity, compliance, reliability and confidence in the recommendation engine deployed. By integrating a differentiated suite of digital tools with their proprietary, intelligent analytics SAAS insights 2morrow platform, as an example they empower users to answer questions that impact
outcomes related to forecasting demand, supply and workforce diversity mix, establishing fit for purpose staffing options and best fit deployment, shaping the desired ‘high potential’ profile and predicting individual and collective performance, forecasting employee engagement trends and engaging people at risk, identifying employee career growth paths and talent to re/up/cross-skill.

Kavitha Venkatachalam, HR

Key Milestones
A Singaporean company, Tomorrow leverages digital technology design and development teams based in Bangalore and Kuala Lumpur to deliver usage of insights2morrow, a subscription platform that provides talent analytics as a service - and a suite of digital tools across the employment lifecycle to add intelligence to users on enabling people and enterprises to join, deploy, learn, perform, grow and connect.

Celebrating their first anniversary, this team of 10 people is now cash flow positive and profitable, serving clients in India, Singapore and looking forward to reaching clients in eight countries over the next 24 months.

“I believe that doing good work with good people leads to great outcomes. We see insights2morrow democratizing talent intelligence to enable leaders to co-create practices that make people agile and future ready,” concludes Prithvi.