TOTALIKA Vertical Solutions: Offering 360 Degree Compliance Solutions & Elevating Workplace to Meet International Safety Standards

Prabhat Bhardwaj,Director
Prabhat Bhardwaj, Director

In India, the occupational health and safety(OH&S)scenario is complex. Majority of enterprises enforce safety measures just for the sake of law or under government pressure and never update them with their changing layout, which not only increases death rate of workers (due to various hazards) but also reduces productivity & quality of manufactured products /rendered services. Moreover, these employees are not even educated about the usage & meaning of various safety signages that often prevent the utilization of OH&S measures in case of emergency, resulting in inefficient usage or worse big & unwanted incidents. Hence there is a huge rift between the existing level of health & safety security measures and international compliance standards. Gurgaon-based TOTALIKA Vertical Solutions LLP- a Health and Safety services provider, helps you to close this vital gap. “By applying a wide range of international standards, we ensure that organizations have effective OH&S systems in place to protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance their business reputation,” avers
Prabhat Bhardwaj, Director, TOTALIKA.

"TOTALIKA’s unique audit & assessment facility endows enterprises with efficient solutions, instead of just focusing on their faults, thus boosting their demonstrable value and RoI"

Comprising of logical& workable plan, its 360 degree OHS services safeguard operational efficiency, depict the evacuation flow and enforce safety & evacuation protocols across the premise including signage & markings. Aiming to provide a safe workplace, TOTALIKA takes into consideration several factors such as type of industry & workforce, percentage of male & female workers, and several others, before designing the customized safety solutions. Unlike others, the venture doesn’t draft OHS measures based on floor plan rather formulate it from scratch after performing a thorough assessment of premises and determining their current level of social compliance with respect to OHS standards. Based on insights,it plans, designs and develops the process of implementation in association with clients to uplift their level of social and health & safety compliance, and maintains 100 percent compliance standard throughout the year.

Unique Approaches
TOTALIKA’s unique audit & assessment facility endows enterprises with efficient solutions, instead of just focusing on their faults, thus boosting their
demonstrable value and RoI. It partners with clients throughout the process, starting from audit planning, defining the objectives, scope, criteria, conducting on-site audit activities, and audit report development until the final report delivery and presentation. With the in-depth understanding of national& international guidelines,the company leaves no stone unturned to meet clients’ ethos, culture, and strategy. Explaining further, Prabhat asserts, “Health & safety is not an architect job; it’s the work of dedicated health & safety consultants who need to define the signage & safety plan according to the industry & people and this is where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors”.

TOTALIKA conducts various training and awareness programs on various types of hazards and even provides hands-on experience to clients’ workforce and its employees, which help them to better understand the concept of each hazard and usage of different safety tools. Going the extra mile, its team of safety engineers visits clients’premises quarterly and correct the changes depending on their current requirements, thereby filling the implementation gaps. Currently, TOTALIKA tenders professional, and client focused OHS services to businesses of all sizes vertical-agnostically at affordable cost. Enriched with such features, the company is looking forward to increase its revenue by 200-300 percent and expand its footprints in developing countries in the near future.