TransHuman Consulting: Transforming Individuals & Organisations for happiness, wellness and higher accomplishments

Paritosh Sharan, Founder & CEO

Paritosh Sharan

Founder & CEO

Transformation is imperative for businesses to survive in today’s highly competitive world. The L&D industry plays a critical role in facilitating these transformations. However, most L&D players focus on organizational transformation, with little or no emphasis on human transformations. Having identified the importance and growing need for human transformations, Paritosh Sharan, a seasoned industry veteran, founded TransHuman Consulting, an organization that focuses on unleashing human potential by facilitating human transformation through application of learning from oriental wisdom, western pragmatism, self-exploration through human labs, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, spiritual insights, hypnotism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more. “While most L&D organizations focus on business strategy, we believe that organizational transformation can come only through an individual’s transformation, therefore our focus has always been on facilitating Human Transformation,” explains Paritosh.

Having spent 22 years in the corporate world in various roles, Paritosh realised that his real interest lay in his own personal transformation as a human being. He began by looking for interventions for himself. 10 years on that path led to the foundation of TransHuman Consulting. Founded in 2014, the organization renders people development services such as People/Organisation Assessment (potential, aspiration, engagement and others), L&D
Strategy development, customised Leadership Development Programs/Workshops, Organisation Development(OD) interventions, holistic Individual Development Plans(IDP), Executive Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring and others. “We assess or evaluate executive teams for open positions or for individual development plans,” Paritosh adds.

Through its NLP & applied NLP programmes, the firm works in the sphere of Neuro Leadership, Emotional Intelligences, Self-assessments and many more

Holistic Approach to People/Organisation Transformation
L&D modules across the globe have a tendency of following conventional methodologies that aim at specific skill development. However, management
/leadership styles are fast changing across the globe in the era of disruptive changes, fast pace technological changes, AI, IoTs, machine learning and others. The conventional L&D methodologies are completely out of place and unable to meet the requirements of changing business scenario and leadership development.

In this context, TransHuman Consulting adopts a path-breaking approach to people development. Leveraging recent researches in the fields of neuroscience, human psychology, emotional intelligence, ontology, hypnotism and more, the organization adopts multi-disciplinary approach in transforming human by focussing on integrating, assimilating and transferring knowledge through holistic and deep understanding of self, role and context undertaking
self-exploration and experiential learning in customised workshops/human labs/training/coaching programs. Paritosh also believes in integrating the knowledge derived from spiritual insights, ancient Indian texts, mythologies, practices, oriental wisdom and western pragmatism and uses them freely and appropriately in facilitating human transformations in customised corporate programs.

Apart from corporate offerings in people/organisation transformation, leadership development, OD Interventions, executive coaching, counselling, mentoring services; TransHuman Consulting also conducts basic, applied and master NLP open programs and Life Coaching. Through its NLP & applied NLP programmes, the firm works in the sphere of Neuro Leadership, Emotional Intelligences, Self-assessments and many more. In terms of counselling, the firm does not restrict itself to the workplace issues but renders counselling in personal sphere as well.

Focus on Organic Growth
TransHuman Consulting, the one-of-a-kind organization with unique methodology and approach to transforming human, has always believed in achieving growth through organic means. It started off by rendering open workshops which caught the attention of executive coaches, L&D professionals and HR professionals who in turn brought in their own organizations. TransHuman has never had to use marketing gimmicks to attract clients and has always thrived on word of mouth and referrals. Having worked with some of the most prestigious organization and professionals globally, the organization is now looking to expand to other geographies as well. Already having conducted various workshops across major Indian cities, the firm is now working on a global collaboration which will provide a three-phase leadership programme to be conducted in an exotic location.