UEDC: Designing Sustainable and High-Performing Building sector

Vevaik Mahajan,DirectorIn the past couple of years, the green concept has been on the rise. This conception made its way into the construction industry which reduced the volume of wastage that is voided in to the land and revamping its stature, put a pause on water wastage and maintain the overall health of the environment. All these factors have spurred the growth of the green consulting, substantiating an appropriate and opportune space for entrants as well as the virtuosos of the ecosystem. UEDC is one such green consulting company that recognised the propitiousness of this space and came into being in the year 2015 to keep a check on the various glitches and entailments that prevailed within the industry, and designing buildings that are energy efficient.

Understanding the need of the hour, the company came to a conclusion of adopting green practices, through which it has built buildings that are highly energy efficient. It has incorporated all distinctive strategies, state-of-the-art technology, methods, materials and innovative ideas needed to develop such structures. "We know the latest requirements of the clients; they are aware of the new trends and developments in the industry and want the structures to be green, energy-efficient and sustainable. So our effort as a green consulting company has been to keep ourselves up to date and well informed to give shape to impeccable edifice. How-ever, to successfully carry out every
assignment we have fostered all the latest and required strategies such as proper water conservation strategy, ring strategy, procedures and sustainable ideas," states Vevaik Mahajan, Director, UEDC.

This top-notch engineering consulting firm specialises in Engineering & MEP Design, Sustainability/LEED, Green Certification and In-novation. It renders a wide range of services such as Building Management System, Renewable Energy Solutions, Energy Modelling & Building Simulation, Sustainability and many others. Over and above, its forte lies in devising innovative de-signs such as Earth Air Tunnel Cooling, Geothermal Exchange Cooling, Roof Pond, DEVAP, and Thermal Designs and so on. And all these offerings are conferred to healthcare, higher education, K-12, commercial, Hospitality, Residential, government, Sports & Re-creational and industrial buildings as well. "In addition to the green building, we also put forward J9 services which we consider to be one of our strongest points. We as an engineering company we also orchestrate in house design which is high performing air conditioning, electrical system design, fire design, water design basically all the renewable designs. Besides these we kind of combine our efforts to spread awareness about the green by conducting energy conservation, green and sustainability training in the corporate offices, garment sector, colleges, and schools," he informs.

UEDC adopted green practices to built buildings that are highly energy efficient

The support of a young and proficient team of engineers, architects, commissioning and construction experts who have a substantial experience of working for the global firms enabled the company to reach the zenith that it enjoys today.

Marching Ahead
In a span of five years, the company has gained and achieved a lot. It has created an impressive and trustworthy stance in the market. The company started its journey with like three projects which has increased to over 100, touching almost all sectors. Its distinctive innovation has earned the recognition of USGBC and is counted amongst the prestigious green consulting firms in India. "We weigh our success through our clients' retention rates. The clients who had started their journey with us three years back are still in connection with us and seek our advice for their current projects," he adds. Located in Delhi, UEDC has reached the western part of the country and in the upcoming years it aims to establish its presence in the entire nation and wear the crown of the best green consulting firm forever.