Unison International Consulting: Headhunting Right Talent via Personalization, Experimentation & Automation

Udit Mittal,CEO
Udit Mittal, CEO

If Lata Mangeshkar’s(singer)father had told her to become a fast bowler or Sachin Tendulkar’s (Cricketer)father had told him to be a singer, imagine where they would have been today. This iconic dialogue from the Bollywood movie '3 Idiots' highlighting stereotypical constraints with parental pressure aptly demonstrates today’s education-employ ability gap, wherein candidates fail to chase excellence in lieu of hunting success. While they struggle finding appropriate jobs and discredit their skills to take up any available position, corporate organizations grapple to align right talent with right designation due to aforementioned skill paucity. Discerning this break between right employee-employer relationships, Gurgaon-based Unison International Consulting handpicks candidates for suitable organizational recruitment and pivots experimentation for establishing them across multiple verticals with stellar skill-set, knowledge and awareness, thus enabling client-candidate satisfaction coupled with company’s proliferation.

Anchored in 1998 by Udit Mittal(CEO), Unison is one of the most sought-after talent recruitment consortium for executive search and selection among several industries including retail, FMCG, consumer durables, consulting, telecom, advertising, healthcare and many more. To cope with distinct industrial challenges and fragile market behaviour, the company deploys strategies equivalent to industry demands. “The challenges are different in different industries. There is a lot of effort that goes into persuading people in retail, fashion and e-Commerce domain where as industries like FMCG and durables are more certain and candidates are aware of what they are applying for,” proclaims Udit. Having strong presence PAN India with international footprints in the Middle-East and U.S., the company deploys avant-garde technology, systematic approach and personalized servicing to position niche talent and deliver well-defined services with excellence at par.

Professionalism, Personalization, Perfection
Unlike erstwhile hiring processes focused on mass emailing, generic automated text messaging and complex headhunting, recruitment today is pillared on a systematic approach, modular talent acquisition technology, software integration and demands candidates to be mended differently–attributes Unison is well-known for. By converting recruiting process from harder to smarter, the company outshines competition and extensively explores talent pool for headhunting millennial talent and startup savvies as desired by clients today. Besides leveraging automation, the company delivers candidate-centric, user-friendly experience through personalized communication and proactive job counseling. This personalized touch not only brings synonymy between employer-employee requisites but also solidifies their trust in Unison.“We understand
what the client and candidate want, depending on which we study extensively about the person. And that is how we establish a rich relationship between the two,”affirms Udit.

"Unison deploys avant-garde technology, systematic approach and personalized servicing to position niche talent and deliver well -defined services with excellence at par"

Citing an instance from fashion industry, Udit continues,“While hiring for retail/fashion industry, it is imperative to evaluate the candidate’s attitude, style sense and personality. If you are hiring a person for Reebok or Adidas and the person is not fit, neither will it do justice to him going and selling sportswear to people, nor will it benefit the company”. Deploying such personalized criterion helps recruiters understand candidates’ background & cultural system and recommend the aspirant only if one suits the clientele parameters.

Just like Farhan’s father(from 3 Idiots) intimidated him to pursue engineering only to match up social expectations, there’s no denying that students nationwide are obliged to trail one career path for long-term employment and stability. Unison, however, disrupts this stereotypical employment monotony by experimenting with potential talent, analyzing primary skills and modifies professional promenade of those seeking change. On the flip side,the company convinces clients with progressive perspective to hire capable candidates from another stream through skill-based evaluations and assessments. Hence, personalization, experimentation and change are synonymous to Unison’s in-depth consultancy.

Competitive Consulting, Excellent Execution
Two decades back when Udit stepped into the industry, many startups were also in their nascent stage; this not only opened window for personalized servicing but also helped him ace recruitment consulting expertise. Today, Unison excels in hiring competent human resource, specializes in brand building, senior level executive search, mid management recruitment, training & performance management and is absolutely the name to reckon on for human capital partnership. Along with providing talent solutions, the company also tops as a consulting partner for rendering overarching services for both candidates and clients. For the former, it offers counseling for profession building, skill enhancement (personal make over, image consulting & personality development) and communication amplification (curriculum vitae writing and socio-professional profile development). The latter are continuously updated with company acquisitions, joint ventures, market advancements, salary benchmarks, compensation consulting and many more.

Keen on exploring latest softwares and newer technologies, Unison leverages database management operating system, application tracking system, CRM software, psychometric assessments and online tests, to name a few. The company also intends to procure an integrated software that would enable consultants to shortlist best candidates, conduct video interviews and share it across the platform. After assessing the interviews, the automated software would generate applicants' skill set and suggest whether he/she
matches client's requisites or not. This would be ideal for mass hiring, especially for industries like retail and airlines.

Unison goes the extra mile when it comes to background verification as well. Udit explains,"Background verification is very challenging these days as people fake their experiences. Yet, availability of profiles on various social media portals(including LinkedIn& Facebook) helps in scanning candidate’s professional history and deviations through references &common connections”. However, the company recommends clients to undertake background verification services (ranging from Rs.300-Rs.3000)for various levels of verification. Since human capital authentication is vital for recruitment, the company is in the process of developing unique employee codes with verified/pre-verified background details. This will enhance transparency amongst recruiter and applicant as the company gets access to candidate’s verified information, with just a click.

"Since human capital authentication is vital for recruitment, the company is in the process of developing unique employee codes with verified/pre-verified background details"

Manpower Planning to MasterPlanning
Unison's backbone is certainly its veteran squad, who are ex-maestros of notable syndicates, brainstorms innovative solutions in pursuit of delivering exceptional services. Besides on-the-job training, consultants also gain on-ground knowledge through personal meetings and leverage technological paraphernalia for acquiring industry insights. It's also rigorously working on an online quiz blueprint to help people upgrade as per industry standards.

Graphing an impressive revenue growth of 30 percent annually, Unison has plans ready for tapping newer industries inclusive of tech startups, AI companies, infrastructure & education and is deploying social media platform as positive medium for training candidates. While delivering high-end services to its limited, niche portfolio PAN India, the company has its eyeballs set for international expansion through partnerships and simultaneously emerging into the cynosure of recruitment-oriented training, educating and mentoring among candidates. Moreover, Unison is focused on bridging prevailing education-skilling gap by instilling positivity, right knowledge, awareness and competitive edge within upcoming aspirants. Similarly for clients, the company intends performing as their advisory consultants with expertise in handling anything and everything recruitment-centric.

Key Management:
Udit Mittal, CEO
With over 15 years of experience in recruitment and executive search, Udit brings onboard vast business acumen, innovative approach and market insights to formulate exceptional strategies to deliver utmost customer satisfaction and upscale Unison’s quality-centric growth.


Offerings: Executive Search & Selection, Recruitment Consulting and Advisory for Retail, FMCG, Consumer Durable, Healthcare, e-Commerce, Information Technology & Education