United Engineering Consultants: Multidisciplinary Design Engineering Consulting Firm

Bangalore based United Engineering Consultants(UEC) is best defined as a multidisciplinary design engineering consulting firm offering MEP Design consultancy services. Established in 2012 by a spirited team of highly qualified engineers, the company is today one of the fastest growing consultancy firms working in the fields of MEP engineering consultancy in India. UEC as Engineering Consultants constantly strives to enhance all aspects of their MultiDisciplinary Engineering services by maintaining a high-level outcome whilst taking into account the client's requirements. The UEC team is known for suggesting and designing alternatives that increase the value while reducing the costs andfinding sustainable construction solutions to challenging conditions. "We have the experience and expertise to design a variety of projects. Our staff on its own initiative achieves excellence by way of continued exposure to prestigious projects, research, and professional development opportunities," says Narasimha Raju.The team has designed and been involved in Design of Residential, Retail, Shopping Malls, Software campus, Educational Institutions, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Commercial buildings, Food industry, Automotive Industry, Pharmaceutical, Hard ware, Aerospace, Warehouses, logistics, amongst others.

UEC aims at contributing to better living and working conditions for people and developing a sustainable environment for society. It is committed to provide services of high quality and value to its clients through adaptability, innovation and knowledge up gradation using a qualified, motivated and committed workforce. It works with a focus on consistently delivering projects that meet the requirements with the highest quality, on time and on budget, continuously improving productivity and efficiency on all projects, building a culture of adhering to the industry standard and best practices and most importantly contributing to the health of the planet by creating sustainable solutions and reducing construction time and project cost by implementing innovative solutions.

An Array of Services
The company offers services in planning and design of Electrical, IT, telecom and lift systems in residential, hospitals and
B.T Narasimha Raju ,Founder

healthcare facilities, offices, laboratories, schools, hotels and industrial facilities. The engineers at UEC assess needs and propose technical solutions to optimize operating reliability and economy. Close collaboration with the customers ensures high quality and maximum value. It also provides special expertise in areas such as power supply, lighting, telecom and process systems. "We have the expertise in design of fit out as well as base infrastructure of electrical systems. We understand the importance of the infrastructure provisions for continuity of business and provide solutions that are resilient, with redundancy and ease for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance," he explicates.

UEC aims at contributing to better living and working conditions for people and developing a sustainable environment for society

Besides this, UEC also offers services related to Safety & Security that includes Public address system Access control system, CCTV system HVAC system that includes Design of chilled water systems, DX AC systems, Design of AC systems for data centres, server farms Public Health Engineering design providing water supply, sewerage, rain water harvesting systems and solid waste management systems Water Supply, Piping & Sanitation that includes General Internal & External Plumbing, Infrastructure/Public Utilities, Rain Water Harvesting/Drainage System and Fire Detection & Protection System that includes Automatic Sprinkler System, Automatic Fire Hydrant System, Automatic Gas Flooding System Inergen & FM 200, amongst others.

The Road Ahead
UEC is committed to provide comprehensive and technically sound engineering consulting services to the client's utmost satisfaction with respect to intended requirements. "Our emphasis towards quality, innovative, reliable design, construction management, consultancy and customer service is continually improving. We will be further developing our methodologies by implementing latest guidelines and techniques and meeting customer requirements by involving all the team members,"he concludes.