Univate Solutions: Innovation Unleashed

 Bansi Rath,   CEO

Bansi Rath, CEO

India ranks among one of the gradually growing nations in the world economy. Each and every vertical of the business ecosystem is experiencing capital rise with newer innovations facilitating them every day. A magnified analysis of the scenario implies that no matter how much development the country undergoes the bridge between companies, especially in the SME and MSME segment in terms of quality, excellence and compliance standards. Univate Solutions was founded in 2017 to solve this difference by empowering these organizations through technology to sustain their quality, certification and GRC initiatives.

“Univate Solutions focuses on automating Governance,Risk and Compliance, Certi-fication, Model Based Business Excellence Initiatives, Regulatory Obligation Requirements for organisations under different industry segments around the world. Univate Solutions provide robust technology enabled platforms to institutionalize and sustain the above initiatives in the long run and
helps companies reap benefits”, says Bansi Rath, CEO, Univate Solutions.

"Univate was founded as a start-up in 2017 by a handful of founders and has a seen a growth of 400 percent in revenue and number of clients crossing 50"

The Innovations at a Glance
Univate takes pride in the products that have been developed by its team. Products like iKomplianz and NABHpro that have been disruptive to the way, the compliance and GRC processes are currently being managed through-out the industry. These products happen to be out of the box solutions which is why there are ever increasing number of organisations that are willing to accept and adopt them globally.

NABHpro from Univate Solution is probably the first comprehensive and complete Healthcare Quality Management System (HQMS) which is poised to be a game changer in the healthcare quality management landscape. Quality in healthcare is a big challenge in India and also in other parts of the world which must be addressed on priority. Our govern-ment is also focusing on this aspect of healthcare system heavily with the advent of Ayushman Bharat and other similar programs. In line with this, the Healthcare tourism in India is growing fast and going to be a significant revenue generator in the years to come.

“Univate Solutions’ rich experience in GRC, Business Excellence, Model and Certification consulting proves to be a game changer in creating a
unique solution called ‘iKomplianz’ for organisations in non-healthcare segment and ‘NABHpro’ for organisations in the healthcare segment”, asserts Mr. Rath.

Growth Registered and Journey Ahead
Univate desires to be the leader in the business excellence and compliance product market segment with a global focus, both in healthcare and non-healthcare sectors. It wants the product offerings to be easy to use and cost effective which is the reason why it provides both cloud based and in premises based offerings. The managementremains upbeat about maintaining the current growth level for next 5 years.

Expressing the goodwill and the road ahead for the company, Mr. Rath concludes, “Univate was founded as a startup in 2017 by a handful of founders and has a seen a growth of 400% in revenue and number of clients crossing 50. This year, we started our operations in the UAE and plan to expand our business to Africa, South- East Asia and North America. We see tremendous interest in our products and other offerings. Univate is planning to leverage technologies like IOTand RPA in compliance automation. Though, we are a strong believer of organic growth, there is no reason for like-minded investors to shy away from working with us. We do realize that compliance is a growth business and sooner than later, we will engage mentors and investors to meet the demand for tomorrow.”