Uplytics: Navigating through People Analytics for Better Decision Making & Productivity

Mohit Bhatnagar,FounderThe fourth Industrial Revolution is completely changing the paradigms of careers; individuals and organizations need to adopt to the new future of work. For individuals, lack of job security and the need for continuous learning calls for career management support. Organizations have to adjust to the new ideas of protean career choices, where individual primarily manage their own career. Need for agility in forming dynamic and boundary less teams is the new source of competitive advantage for them. The novel methodology of people or workforce analytics is also changing the conventional perception of the role of HR functions inside organizations.

Torch bearing these new concepts is Uplytics Consulting, a research based startup with a core focus on the application of analytics in the area of career decision making. The brainchild of Mohit Bhatnagar(Founder Director), Uplytics offers individuals career assessments that provide analytics driven comprehensive and accurate career decision support. For educational institutions and HR functions of organizations, analytical insights are provided based on the extensive data from individual assessments.

Research& Innovation at the Core
Existing career assessment solutions in the country are mostly catering to students at schools or being used for recruitment in the industry, thus
undeserving the need for career planning and guidance that exists for professionals and undergraduates /postgraduate students. Uplytics’ research based analytics platform facilitate career decision making needs across an individual’s lifetime, thus serving individuals, schools, college and industry.

Uplytics’ bespoke research offerings help in investigating issues related to culture & performance, competency mapping and for creating new job designs’s comprehensive approach breaks down the complications associated with career hindrances while its multiple assessment segment creates a detailed profile and finds accurate fits. It leverages the O*NET (US occupational network) and in its research work, has extended and validated it for use outside US. For instance, maps individuals to a comprehensive set of roles as per international career standards and predicts their satisfactions & tenure in them using analytics.

Comparing profiles this way helps recognize & consider both strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, this deep analytics helps institutions in planning for launching new courses, electives, identifying training needs, and also proactively preparing for placements. “Since our assessment captures several psychometric variables, we can use that to make very accurate people analytics decisions for Indian and global audience,” states Mohit. is also creating IP based differentiators for itself by publications, patent and trade marks.
While Tucareers,com is focused on individual and educational institutes, Uplytics’ recently launched is for the industry,a portal offering career guidance to professionals and making internal job markets more robust and agile for organizations. Offering a broad platform that facilitates evaluation of employees before fulfilling internal job openings to prescriptive solutions that recommend deployment of dynamic teams, Uplytics’ bespoke research offerings help in investigating issues related to culture & performance, competency mapping and for creating new job designs. This facilitates the organisation to match the drastically changing working environment with right individuals and achieving longer tenures, while boosting employee retention exponentially and enhances productivity.

Smart Learning
The traditional solutions for career decision bank on general rules to assess an individual and counsellors relying on their intuition and experience. However, Uplytics abides by the latest research in learning systems, thus leverages AI and ML algorithms for recommendations, job crafting and design for enabling deployment decisions. The company is currently enabling new startups like GoBudee and Klarity in the career decision area through analytics driven career assessments for their counselling needs, in addition to partnering with PAN India career-counselling providers. A bootstrapped company for six years, Uplytics was recently angel funded. “We would be looking at raising funds, as we actively plan expanding our foot print in India and abroad,” signs off Mohit.