Urja Building Services Consultants (UBSC): Catapulting New Construction & Infrastructural Projects' Efficiency & Productivity

Sheetal Bhilkar ,  DirectorEngineers should be at the forefront of innovation and emerging as well as the new technologies that have become important tools for engineers and designers. Based in Mumbai, Urja Building Services Consultants is a consulting engineering firm specializing in Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing , Fire Fighting systems and Energy Studies. UBSC was founded with a commitment to quality design which the company achieves by working closely with its clients, listening to their needs and meeting budgetary parameters of the project.

The company has added to its design experience with work on hotels, colleges and universities, retail stores, multi family housing, office / IT buildings, healthcare facilities, and green building projects. URJA relies heavily on repeat business from established clients and obtains this by offering quality work, personal attention and reasonable fees. "The original company Urja Associates was established in 2002 to design a blood bank for a very renowned hospital in Mumbai name Masina Hospital. In its early years, the company was specialized in electrical engineering design. URJA BSCPL was formed in 2010, and since then it has gained the trust of architects and clients", explained Sheetal Bhilkar, Director, Urja BSCPL.

Building Engineering Services
Building engineering services should be

efficient user friendly, accessible, costeffective and unnoticeable. UBSC makes sure it is designed to stay that way. "We are catering to Engineering solutions for new construction, infra project and have presence all over India. Engineering Services are very important in any project and MEP consultants can add a lot of value in any project", adds Sheetal.

Engineering Services(MEP)are lifeline of building and it is important that they are designed with care and precise detailing. At UBSC, systems are planned with a holistic vision, keeping in mind clients' vision project's objectives, sustainable approach, construction materials and architectural design intend.

UBSC relies heavily on repeat business from established clients and obtains this by offering quality work, personal attention and reasonable fees

As mentioned above, UBSC offers integrated engineering services including electrical, Low Voltage, HVAC, plumbing & fire fighting. Electricity is the most widespread form of energy in any infrastructure and thus UBSC designs an electrical system that's simple, safe, efficient, cost effective, and easy to maintain. Plumbing & fire fighting system designs ensures safe, efficient, low maintenance and functional infrastructure. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning(HVAC) systems are designed to deliver efficient and costeffective thermal, comfort and good indoor air quality. Additionally, Robust BMS services provides precise control and convenience.

Having such exceptional services UBSC is presently focusing on Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Patna, and Uttrakhand area. Till date UBSC have designed more than 350 projects all across India.

UBSC is currently doing four smart city projects for the Jharkhand government at Ranchi which are state of the art projects. In collaboration with international architect SCP designs from Singapore. All the projects are designed in the stringent timelines to incorporate latest technologies of MEP services and out of four, one is already completed which is Haj Bhavan.

Also, UBSC has done green building projects for HPCL. Furthermore, the company has upgraded its team to work on latest software platform, Building Information Modeling(BIM). In the near future, UBSC's goal is to offer complete Engineering solutions i.e. MEP and structural engineering under one roof.