Utkarsh Agrochem: Climbing Greater Heights In The Agriculture Consultancy Realm

Sameer Allawadi,DirectorOver the last decade or so, the agriculture consultants’ market has been gaining more traction which has resulted in more and more players entering this stratum. In the competitive market segment, Utkarsh Agrochem is one company that has been able to stand out from the rest of their competitors owing to their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings. Utkarsh Agrochem is a value based company, whose focus is to provide result oriented products and services to farmers so their profits increase. Their products are Innovative, result oriented, Cost effective, and completely nonpoisonous. And apart from that, the services offered by Utkarsh are Authentic, Customer centric, and Ethical which guarantees the best results for their clients. The quality of their services and the transparency of their operations have helped the company to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but also to create a niche in the market. Sameer Allawadi is the Director of the company and under his guidance, Utkarsh Agrochem has been able to get a foothold in the industry and strive for sustained long term success.

While talking more about Utkarsh Agrochem as well as the products, they offer Sameer says, “We provide offline and online solutions using social media platforms. Our technical team is always available to support farmers in the best possible manner. We are leaders in horticulture farming for crops like Banana, papaya, mango, pomegranate, sugarcane and organic farming where thousands of farmers
have benefited in the last 22 years.

We provide online and offline consultancy for doing profitable and organic farming and our flagship products are Huminoz, Horse Power, Roots Multiplier, Stress Free, Bio Clean, Sweep, FungFree, Double Combi and Drip Saaf. Our categories of products include Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, EDTA and Amino Acid Chelated Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, PGR based Fertilizers, Media and Fertilizers for Hydroponics, Fertilizers for Aquarium Plants, Natural Plant protectors, Spreaders, pH Balancers, as well as Drip cleaner. We are providing online consultation to a papaya farmer who is actually a technocrat in Bhopal with no experience in Agriculture. Currently he is getting more than 30 percent yield compared to progressive farmers in his region. We are providing our products to Reliance Industries who are doing tree transplantation. By using our products, the survival rate of transplanted trees is more than 80 percent”.

Utkarsh agrochem is one company that has been able to stand out from the rest of their competitors owing to their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings

All these results have helped the company to create an ever-increasing loyal customer base and develop into a pioneering entity in this segment. The team at Utkarsh Agrochem also ensures that their products are of the highest quality and can guarantee positive results for their customers. And apart from their team, Utkarsh Agrochem also ensures that they keep abreast with the latest changes and trends in the technological realm in order to ensure that they streamline their production operations. By doing this, the company is aiming to offer better value for money products to their customers and stay ahead of the rest in the industry.

Adding more about their future plans, Sameer states, “We want to develop ourselves as a research-oriented company providing result oriented and cost-effective solutions to farmers so that productivity of crops can easily go upto 40 percent. We are planning to start our own marketplace for agriculture and gardening where all products and services required will be listed. We are focusing on exports of the products that we are manufacturing. We have plans to start our own stores in cities and provide franchises to the interested entrepreneurs”