Vaishno Sai Quality Consultants: Translating Policy into Practice with Overarching EHS Services

Varun Mathur,Managing Director
Varun Mathur, Managing Director

Manufacturing is inherently a harsh environment. So, ensuring the safety and health of workers with proper care and equipment is of crucial importance. Preventing Accidents, ensuring Health and wellness of employees, disposing of waste products and recycling programs for scrap and returned materials add costs and complexity to manufacturing, but result in a healthier environment and protection for customers and workers alike. To achieve best results, manufacturing companies need to stay current on legislation & technology, and to be responsive to worker and environment needs. In cognizant with these, Mumbai-based Vaishno Sai Quality Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (VSQC) provide insightful Environment, Health and Safety services across Quality Management, Environment Management and other sustainability initiatives. The company gives a large boost to business systems, operations and other activities through its consulting, training, audits and inspections. As nearly every manufacturer faces increasing regulations aimed at everything from ensuring personnel and product safety to managing disposal and reclamation procedures, VSQC surgically attempts to remove such complexities under one roof.
The Panorama of EHS Solutions
What started as an ad-hoc EHS consulting company in 2003 today stands tall as a one-stop-EHS solution provider, as it witnessed a rapid increment in the market requirement and client expansion. Its flagship offering - Management Consulting - helps its clients in identifying their best available resource and cost measure to be undertaken either in short or long-term basis depending on the projects undertaken. These are usually customized and necessitate training of the required manpower, usage of the best technological solutions and implementation of global standards.

"What started as an ad-hoc EHS consulting company in 2003 today stands tall as a one-stop-EHS solution provider, as it witnessed a rapid increment in the market requirement and client expansion"

Increasingly, as the global companies pose a threat to the Indian companies that lack the understanding of environmental and legal obligations, VSQC, with its Comprehensive EHS Consulting, Audits and Inspections service, enables its clients to address such challenges by aiding EHS & Sustainability initiatives and updating EHS regulations along with ensuring compliance. Also, undertaking Determination of Legal Aspects under its Legal Services umbrella, the company with its expert team constantly upgrades and keeps track of the legal norms. "We translate our consulting and legal research expertise to make companies aware of their obligations and make changes accordingly in a cost-effective way," remarks Varun Mathur, Managing Director, Vaishno Sai Quality Consultants.
The Auditing Service
Offering biggest service portfolio for consulting services under ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001, VSQC with its indomitable EHS Testing and Systems & Certification services has successfully upgraded its stance amongst its clients. Additionally, through its Europe-imported specialised equipment, the company performs various testing; for instance, analysing vibrations, noise, heat and other parameters of diverse electric appliances for ensuring their compliance with safety regulations.

VSQC not only utilizes Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment tool (HIRA)/HAZOP to provide similar job safety instruction while helping companies identify their skill issues for proper management, but also leverages advanced techniques & simulation tools in high risk analysis. Besides providing safety equipment & emergency equipment, the company utilizes system planning tools and cost analysis tools to aid companies in making better investment decisions.

The Way Ahead with Management Consulting
With consistent engagement with industry experts and a constant effort to keep track of technology in a cost-effective manner, VSQC is surely and gradually diversifying itself. This explains its impressive client list (Mahindra and Mahindra, Abbott, Tata Realty & Infrastructure, Finolex Cables, Aditya Birla Retail, HDFC and more) and a significant growth rate of 20-25 percent in the last 3-4 years with a turnover of almost Rs.1.8 crore per annum. As such, VSQC vies to reach a turnover of Rs.5 crore per annum in near future and establish a PAN India presence.