Value Glide: Fostering Favourable Conditions For Successful Product Development And Agile Leadership

Nader Talai ,Business Agility Consultant

Nader Talai

Business Agility Consultant

More and more companies are working to improve their agility due to today's complicated, globalized, and technologically competitive business environment. It offers many benefits, such as expediting software delivery, being more adapt-able to shifting priorities, and boosting productivity and creativity. In light of this, Value Glide was established to expedite the process by which firms identify their target market, create a better product or service, and begin producing income.

Since its founding in 2013, Value Glide has built its success on the principle of providing customers with outcomes that are meaningful to them. Value Glide has developed its market position and clientele on a foundation of consistently excellent service, which includes assisting clients in accomplishing goals like accelerating time to market and coordinating the efforts of many teams to achieve those goals. The benefits provided by Value Glide are consistent and frequent. Because of the company's in-house agility, it can immediately deliver in key performance areas and consistently provide custom-er value throughout the engagement.

SAFe Quickstart ART Launch
The SAFe Quickstart ART Launch pro-gram is one of the most popular service offerings of Value Glide. A 10- to 16-week engagement that generates engagement for the client, lays out a clear path for the following steps and often surpasses the customer's expectations. Explaining more about the program, the Business Agility Consultant of Value Glide, Nader Talai says,
"Through our globally recognized consulting and SAFe training, we provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to adopt, implement, and deploy SAFe successfully (Scaled Agile Framework) in their organizations. SAFe consultants, experts, and coaches with extensive experience and expertise will show and advise organizations how to apply SAFe in their context to make major gains in their product development environments and business units".

Moreover, Value Stream Identification and Value Stream Mapping work-shops are intended to assist customers in determining how value is generated and consumed across the company and customer experience. Facilitating quick decision-making that substantially influences team morale and capacity, these workshops are designed to be short and sharp, with participation from 12 to 25 individuals.

Coaching Methodologies Employed
Executive, leadership, and product development teams may benefit from coaching because it clarifies what matters to customers and the business, why it matters, and how facts and evidence guide choices and next steps. Value Glide's team of experienced agile practitioners, coaches, and consultants combines teaching and mentoring in coaching practice to educate their clients on the complexity of the environments they serve, how to con-duct experiments to validate or refute hypotheses, and how to rapidly iterate based on data, evidence, and customer feedback. Coaching is a powerful relationship that begins in the first session when the team agrees on a charter and identifies the most valuable elements to be addressed through the coaching engagement. The coach's primary responsibility is to instill, nurture, and develop agile capabilities in their clients and delegates.

As a result, Value Glide's customers can tap into their full potential and re-lease their creativity and love for their job via real-time collaboration, co-creation, and high-performance coaching. To assist the company in achieving genuine and lasting business agility with executive and leadership coaching.

Value Glide focuses on expanding its possibilities and engagements in the value streams and geographic locations where they believe it can have the most impact

"We engage with internal and external partners to increase our skills, capabilities, and competence to successfully introduce a new product, service, or business unit that has been identified as a result of our continued growth and development. While expanding our client base for our training, agile coaching, and agile consulting services, we are now consolidating our presence within the regions we serve", concludes Nader Talai.