VEN Consulting: The Virtual Bench that Saves All

The days of traditional employment seems disappearing in the thick. Projects & Engineering companies are always driven by highly niche skilled manpower. India in the last decade has moved-on eventually from the traditional, conventional job market to need-based, skill-specific employee engagement without an additional headcount liability. Especially the companies who hire uncountable employees during project execution, face the challenge of either moving the extra employees on bench and bear the burn, or fire them post project completion. This in-turn affects the brand value of the companies. Additionally, there are various setbacks in a project like the mobilization of resource, attrition and performance management. Understanding these challenges, VEN Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. has come-up with a unique concept of virtual bench, where it hires skill-specific talent from various industries and depute them to its clients as per the need. On project completion, they are either assigned to new clients, or placed on the virtual bench for further engagement on newer project.

VEN Consulting provides sector-specific skilled candidates of any volume within 15 days in the most remote project site location across India in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Energy, Automotive, Construction, Infrastructure and Pharma. This distinct methodology not only bestows enterprises with project precise skill-set within shortest turnaround time, but also keeps resources engaged throughout their career. Recently, the firm has engaged 170 resources within a month’s time for Rural Electrification Project – Saubhagya in remote location of UP. “We have earlier operated as a recruitment company catering to 350+ companies across India and Middle East. This built our virtual bench of over 12,00,000 skilled candidatures, and gave us better understanding of the problems faced by various industries in terms of sector transformation, job trends, Employee behaviour and Employer’s challenges across the geographies, culture and sectors,” avers Sucheta Gour, Director - Operations, VEN Consulting.

A Boon for Industry
VEN Consulting being the first-of-its-kind focuses on technical skill-set across the industry and aligns to the sector in which its employees possess knowledge and professional expertise. Over the years, skills have turned-out to be extremely specific, but the engagement duration for these resources are turning-out to be shorter due to the same reason. The company has successfully implemented the model of ‘Plug & Perform’ across the Industry. “The urgency of the demand for the right resource at the right time in any project is as on yesterday. And with increasing population and advancement in technology, all the sectors will have a huge demand for skill-specific resources for the project duration which VEN Consulting is capable of fulfilling,” adds Sucheta.

Expertise at Every Step
Serving the industry for quite a
Sanjay Lingadalli, Managing Director & CEO,Sucheta Gour,  Director - Operations

Sanjay Lingadalli, Managing Director & CEO

Sucheta Gour, Director - Operations

long time, unlike traditional recruiting and staffing firms, VEN Consulting is well versed with the project timelines, technical understanding, geographical challenges, project penalties and the cost control challenges of the clients. It has mastered in providing resources for short-term or long-term assignments at the most critical locations like Eastern region or extreme North of India in the least turn-around time. This Bangalore-based venture fully customizes its services according to client’s requirements. On customer’s demand, the company not just manages the whole resource allocation (from first to last person) starting from formulating the team to giving insights on how manpower planning & team has to be structured based on project size, but also bestows dedicated resource/monitoring system to examine the performance of deputed workforce on a day-to-day basis. A top, VEN Consulting deploys reporting system that streamlines records and validates the activities of the resource and gives the inputs on various challenges and required correction for the projects. Alongside, the venture keeps industry aware about sustainable model and understanding of various benefits of contractual skill-set engagement.

To ensure that clients get the best talent, VEN Consulting follows quite a rigorous & detailed interview process where interviewers from relevant sectors are empanelled to scrutinize the candidatures

To ensure that clients get the best talent, VEN Consulting follows quite a rigorous & detailed interview process where interviewers (senior VPs & Directors) from relevant sectors are empanelled to scrutinize the candidatures. Candidates are designated only after initial screening of technical, behaviour and referral scrutiny. VEN Consulting provides resources from junior to mid and senior levels. On the other hand, it deploys a helpline system, facilitating remote workers to call & register
their grievances with respect to
local impact (people/culture/language),
and tries to resolve their issues at the earliest, while empowering them to get back on their work with enthusiasm and deliver the expected output.

Enriched with such features, VEN Consulting is today considered as a preferred partner for many Government Nation-building projects, as well as private projects that include Saubhagya, Metro Rail, Steel, Renewable Energy and Smart City, among others, while it has cemented strong relationship with companies like TATA, Larsen & Toubro, Ashok Leyland and several others. After developing the technology specific resources, this ISO (9001:2008)/OHSAS 18001 certified company is developing team with cutting-edge technologies such as AI & Transport planning, Infrastructure technology and Multi construction technology. The company is soon going to extend its services to Germany, U.S. and Japanese markets and endeavors to develop a sustainable model in HR industry while encouraging new generation to pursue their career in HR field. “We have always envisaged HR as a skill-based activity than a process based activity. We are bound to grow due to on-going market demand, our continuous R&D and Analysis, and our knowledge gives us edge over our competitors. VEN Consulting intends to automate and synchronise HR process to serve clients better. We would emphasize to refine the area of talent acquisition and employee engagement, from a keyword and payroll management to a technical search and performance delivery management criteria. VEN Consulting believes in being a solution than guiding to a solution in the HR world,” concludes Sucheta.

Key Management
Sanjay Lingadalli, Managing Director & CEO
A young & successful entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in varied sectors of the industry, Sanjay has been associated with more than 500 companies in consulting and advisory role for HR and Business Strategy. He has been associated with several prestigious forums like NIPM and NHRD. A gold medallist in Athletics at the National level with his spirit of sportsmanship, Sanjay has been able to setup a company with a team of 860 engineers working for VEN Consulting across India.

Sucheta Gour, Director- Operations
A HR professional with nearly two decades of experience in the varied sectors of the industry, a blogger, and a philanthropist, Sucheta has been sharing her inputs on corporate and people management skills for more than a decade. She has been able to setup unique processes in the areas of Talent acquisition and Training across the companies.

Offices: Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai
Service: Staffing Solutions