Vertices Partners: Boutique Approach to Corporate Legal Counsel

Vinayak Burman, Archana Khosla, Amit Vyas & Jet Sen Gupta,Managing Partner, Founder Partners & Senior Partner

Vinayak Burman, Archana Khosla, Amit Vyas & Jet Sen Gupta

Managing Partner, Founder Partners & Senior Partner

The dynamic and convoluted nature of the Indian legal landscape makes the sector highly complex to traverse through. Additionally, the high stakes involved in corporate legal matters has led companies to seek solution providers who cater to their specific requirements. The days of using a cookie cutter approach to rendering legal advice are behind us and today’s market demands firms that are adept at providing niche and specialized services. Functioning on the principle of B&B i.e., ‘best and boutique’ is Vertices Partners, a provider of comprehensive legal services across the entire gamut of PE/VC, M&A, Corporate, Transactional, Advisory, Litigation, Banking & Finance and Regulatory Matters.

"Owing to clients’ requirements becoming more bespoke by the day, the market has today warmed up to niche solution providers who specialize in certain key sectors,” explains Vinayak Burman, Managing Partner, Vertices Partners. Focused on delivering value through its tailored services, the firm has developed specialization in the fields of private equity & venture capital, general corporate advisory, banking & finance and litigation. Founded in 2016, Vertices is committed towards building a strong niche for itself in the industry.

Leveraging its Partners’ expertise, the firm renders creative, practical and yet sophisticated solutions for its clients in the field of its practice areas

Beyond Brand Names
With market forces changing drastically, companies today are looking beyond big and established brand names and putting their trust in relatively smaller firms. Such firms not only bring cost effective services and sector specialization to the table but also senior resource attention. Vertices also believes in a partner driven service and therefore leverages a lean partner to associate ratio in order to ensure the quality of service to the client is maintained throughout. Led by Vinayak Burman along with Archana Khosla, Amit Vyas and Jeet Sen Gupta, Vertices benefits from the partners’ collective years of experience and specific expertise in their respective fields of work.

Amit Vyas, Founder Partner

Bespoke Service Portfolio
Leveraging its Partners’ expertise, the firm renders creative, practical and yet sophisticated solutions for its clients in the field of its practice areas. The Firm’s experience coupled with industry expertise in an integrated manner allows it to

Archana Khosla, Founder Partner
provide the client an end to end advice from a strategic and legal perspective be it PE & VC, M&A, JV’s, Restructuring, Due Diligence, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Structured Finance, Corporate Dispute Resolutions among others. Given the firm’s ability to provide expert advice, Vertices has successfully worked with a plethora of clients and is constantly progressing towards strengthening its client base.

Jet Sen Gupta, Senior Partner

Nimble Organization
The young firm is moving towards gaining a healthy growth rate and marking its presence across the country. The Vertices team believes in being nimble in terms of deliveries and pre-empting client requirements as it makes the process pro-active, agile and quick. With a quick turnaround ability, speedy availability, honest and transparent approach and partner involvement in every assignment, Vertices is well on its way to being recognized as the go to firm for legal advice its varying fields of expertise.