Vipra Labs: 360 Degree Advertising & Marketing Solution

Deep Bhatt,  Founder & CEO

Deep Bhatt

Founder & CEO

Success comes to those who work relentless and, nowadays with smart thinking. Today’s rising revolution in digital world makes it a necessity, to keep up with the ever changing technology to thrive in this capricious industry. This fickle nature of the web-world caught the attention of one such fastidious boy, Deep Bhatt, who began to weave his ownweb of dreams in it. Deep is a budding entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of a digital marketing and advertising company Vipra Labs. Deep, a zealot began his journey as a mere SEO developer in a local company that used to be a seller on Amazon. His knowledge and expertise soon caught the attention of Amazon, who offered him an opportunity paving his road to achievements. He worded this occasion as, “They admired my good work and approached me to ask, if I wanted to be their sole service provider. This was a turning break in my career. Once I agreed to become their sole service provider, I would
be handling the sellers’ accounts by Amazon and my responsibility would be to ideate the marketing content and execute it on the e-commerce platforms. In this way, I would have hand on not few but all the sellers’ accounts for Amazon and would be able to process them in my own creative ways.”

Vipra Labs now provides holistic marketing content that include the verticals ofadvertising, website development, social media marketing, e-commerce, poker game management, graphic design, search engine optimisation, film animation and mobile application development

From the Beginning
Deep started his own company, Vipra Labs in the flourishing city of Ahmedabad in 2015. Initially,he was handling the cataloguing sections of the sellers’ accounts. But as the business grew, so did his knowledge and competency and thus, the company started rendering services on a holistic manner. They also started approaching potential clients looking for help in e-commerce
platforms and providing tailored, well-attentive services. “Vipra Labs is about Product creation and Product presentation. We create each and every kind of marketing content now for our clients. It starts from cataloguing the products to product descriptions on e-commerce platforms along with product presentations in different formats. We also help to create a better outlook for their products in new formats. We have started using latest software like Unity, Unreal Engine and other new technologies for enhancing the product presentation,” says Deep

Growth Encountered and Future ahead
As a bootstrapped company, Vipra Labs has bagged innumerable achievements and recognition in the marketing sector of the city. It is generating nearly seven digit revenue per annum which is only increasing as the time goes. They also have wide range of commendable client associations like Radio Mirchi - A Times Group Of Company, Reliance, ColorsTv - Viacom 18, Amazon, DB Group, Hush Puppies in India.But client-base also spreads from countries like Germany, the UK, the US, Canada, Vietnam, China, Indonesia to Pakistan as well. Viewing the current image of the venture, it seems that this is just a beginning for them. Expressing the future plans of the company, he concludes, “We are always exploring newer boundaries in the marketing sector and try to live up to the up-changing digital world.”