VoilaBiz: Specialises in E-commerce Selling & Aggregation

Arun Arora,  Founder & CEO

Arun Arora

Founder & CEO

Passionfor technology and indepth understanding of automation was at the forefront of getting into e-commerce sector. The sector still needs a lot of innovation. A lot many things are still manual, human resource dependent and need hours of reconciliation efforts. “We are one stop solution for e-commerce both for sellers and marketplaces alike. We help Sellers onboarding to premium market places, provide account management services to sellers. We run Voila Studios for product shoots and model shoots and provide warehousing solution to marketplaces and sellers. We are e-commerce certification training partner for the e-commerce giants. We organize seller based events in multiple cities of India and provide the population with services they need to learn and grow. We are working as seller/aggregator as well on portals and finally we are launching which will be our very own marketplace”, says Arun Arora, Founder & CEO,

VoilaBiz started e-commerce operations in Jan’18 and has a good revenue base now in order to take it to next level

Impact on the Market
VoilaBiz consists of the culture of innovation compiled by huge experiences in the services sector. The idea was to bring two things together, the founder philosophy/ idea that is to innovate and launch products that can boost the growth of e-commerce and at the same time make the process more affordable. There are many issues that plague this industry but still there is lot of scope of innovation in all the domains like accounting, logistics, imaging, cataloguing, price automation, recommendation engines, technologies like AI/ML, AR, VR, 3D Visualization, V2T etc. The first wave was to bring products online and deliver fast, next wave would be around customer experience side and we are working on some of those areas. “FMCG just happened, as we met few farmers/ NGOs during the journey and found they lacked digital marketing skills and also lacked skills to sell products. This is more of CSR initiative for us which aligns with govt vision of FPOs(by SFAC – Small Farmer’s
Agri Business Consortium) that has taken shape and many farmers are coming together to take benefit of this scheme. We are helping Gramkul FPO in this journey, they have many agricultural produce like millet biscuits, buns, breads, pickles, milk products, pulses and vegetables among others”, states Arun.

Towards the Future Ahead
VoilaBiz started e-commerce operations in Jan’18 and has a good revenue base now in order to take it to next level. It wants to ensure that the business remains profitable while they take the next leap in innovation and consultancy business growth. Among the most prominent clients of VoilaBiz, some are Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra/Jabong are all clients, we have many more MSME as clients e.g.Retail Technologies Inc, Senrysa Technologies Pvt Ltd, YashWorld Products Pvt Ltd, JaiShree Jewellers and Moksha Designs Pvt Ltd among several others. Expressing the future ahead for the company, the founder concludes, “There is lot todo and achieve in e-commerce and competition is also growing rapidly and it is getting crowded so we got to be ahead in innovation curve and bring value to this ecosystem and that’s what we would be focusing on while continuing to help sellers grow their footprints online and work with market places in fast expansion of e-commerce in India and globally.”