VPAN Civil Consultants: Endowing Solution-Oriented PMC Backed by Techno-Managerial Team & Systematic Approach

Atul Nandankar, Director,Vishal Panchal, Director

Atul Nandankar, Director

With construction industry evolving rapidly, the demand for project management services are increasing in terms of performance, cost, deadlines, and quality of work. Over the years, construction companies have joined hands with project management consultants (PMCs)for expert advice/project evaluation. But today,
due to lack of planning, ineffective co-ordination and deficiency of technical & managerial knowledge, construction companies end-up hiring various design & execution agencies, who work in silos, making it difficult to handle on day-to-day basis.

But Ahmedabad-based VPAN Civil Consultants works as a highly responsible ‘Single Point of Contact’ for the complete PM life-cycle for the real estate industry, starting from planning, design coordination, vendor & material selection, end-to-end monitoring of work progress within budget, handing over of the project with best quality and even beyond. This enables companies to calmly concentrate on their marketing & sales without getting involved in all technical aspects of project execution daily. Furthermore, any delay or enhancement in project cost
/completion is directly communicated to clients, along with the reason.

"VPAN Civil Consultants works as a highly responsible ‘Single Point of Contact’ for the complete PM life-cycle for the real estate industry"

Under the guidance of two industry experts Vishal Panchal & Atul Nandankar (Directors), VPAN has carved a niche by rendering project development advice, design management, PMC, and construction management under one bracket for residential/commercial space, institutes, amphitheatres and others. Having expertise in customized PMC services & fast track projects, the firm ensures ascertain all team players (client, design consultant and execution agencies) perform their respective role properly for fault-free execution of project. “PMC service is not about providing technical assistance to client on project, but it’s more of techno-managerial services. When we are on projects, client, design consultant and execution agencies can concentrate on their respective roles, rest complete co-ordination, any technical or managerial issues and their solutions are managed efficiently by our team,” adds the duo.

A Customer-Centric Firm
This customer-centric firm solidifies the end result by leveraging integrity, wherein it remains neutral to all stakeholders (client, design consultant and contractors) and focuses less on issue & more on solution. This unique solution-oriented approach not only helps in resolving the issue easily but also furnishes the smooth completion of projects
with quality, cost and time. Individual clients who don’t have any knowledge of construction and depend on design team/execution agencies for their construction, can easily get their project goals accomplished by having PMCs like VPAN involved. “Through integrity and solution oriented approach, we have been successful in making our clients understand the clarity of PMC service and what positive difference we can make via these services. Our professional fees on project are an investment for clients which have assured returns by the end of project,” avers Atul.

Vishal Panchal, Director

Today, VPAN serves a number of clients in sectors like education (HB Kapadia School, Darpana Dance Acadamy & IIM Udaipur), real estate (Addor Group, Sanghvi enterprises) and others, and aims to expand its clientele base across the globe. In last five years, the company has experienced continual growth of 15 percent in its revenue and 40 percent in volume of project execution. “In span of less than eight years, we have been able to work on different types of projects. It has amplified our experience of working in different conditions and helps us to have innovative approach towards projects,” concludes Vishal.