We Assist: Your Claim Management Expert on the Go!

R Harikrishnan,Principal Officer

R Harikrishnan

Principal Officer

With over four decades of excellence in the insurance space, Karthika Insurance’s (KI) has come a long way from where it all started. The firm specializes in insurance, risk, and claim management advisory services in health, motor, personal accident, fire, marine, and group health. In fact, the company has served to numerous clients ranging from Manufacturing, IT, Healthcare, Pharma and individual customers (NRIs)amongst others. KI has emerged in the space as the most reputed and trusted brand.

Coming to the market perspective, today, the customers need to understand that it is not the buying of insurance policy that’s hard. It is the claiming part which inevitably triggers a tedious process that the insured party might be unaware of. Needles to say, the insurance companies are in the business of paying claims. The clients, on the other hand, usually don’t understand the policy wordings and certain technicalities. Standing abreast, KI understanding this much better than any other competitors in the industry has introduced a unique service offering called ‘We Assist.’ It is a first of its kind service designed to
help health insurance customers for a hassle-free reimbursement claim experience to existing customers, and for non-customers, who have taken policy else where and seek assistance in claims.

The second generation entrepreneur, R Harikrishnan, Principal Officer, Karthika Insurance, explains “When it comes to health insurance claims, we have seen a major gap that exists in the industry. It has to be addressed in a much more systematic way. Therefore, what we have developed here is, we have built an infrastructure, a service, to assist patients and hospitals in their cashless and reimbursement claims in a seamless manner, at a very nominal price to our clients, and also to the customers who have purchased the policy else where.”

Technology Enabled Insurance Services
Boosted by a team of 30+ eminent Medical and Insurance Experts, who deal with all types of claims, KI’s experienced team helps the customers address their most challenging issues related to hospitalization claims under ‘We Assist’. Also, they design Group Health Insurance policies with least frills for maximum benefits. Most important of all, the company is known for leveraging in technology to ensure smooth operation of the claim.

Harikrishnan explicates “From last three years, we’ve been completely going the technology route. And, in order to make our service more customer-centric, we have diversified our ‘We Assist’ brand, both in the online as well as the offline front.”
Successful in providing a hassle-free experience to the clients, the company offers Virtual Reimbursement Claim deck, where customers can go online, talk to ‘We Assist’ experts and seek assistance about their health insurance claims, be it video call, chat, or voice call, app (mypolicy) and the experts will be able to give them a complete information on the go. Leaving no stones unturned, in the offline side, KI has a designated kiosk inside the hospital, where they assist patients in their claim related issues. More than anything, the evaluation of the policy is done free of cost.

The Roadmap Ahead of KI
With award-winning services from various insurance companies, including Chairman’s Award from Max Bupa for outstanding performance, TATA AIG and more, KI’s ‘We Assist’ is said to be a game changer in the industry. Based in Bangalore, KI has an office in Delhi and soon has plans to expand PAN India. “We have studied the market, and in the coming days, we’ll be having our presence in Mumbai, Chennai, and Mysore,” mentions Harikrishnan.

Going ahead, the company envisions crossing US$1 Million claims by the end of 2019. Optimistic about the future, R.Unnikrishnan, Chief Mentor and Financial Controller, Karthika Insurance, concludes “We will remain ubiquitous in this space by educating and providing claim related services to our clients. Once, the foundation is set in place, with the help of technology, we will be able to automate the entire process and minimize interaction.”