RITI Investment and Consultancy: The Ultimate Guide to Creating, Managing and Protecting your Assets

The wealth management industry in India is mostly managed by bankers and individual financial advisors who approach customers soliciting relationship through a reference or by other means. While most customers come across financial advisors who speak well, have relevant experience and demanded huge fees or commissions; evaluating amongst various wealth managers and selecting the right financial service provider before deciding to work with them is still a complicated task.

RITI intends to offer a single go-to advisor platform which proactively plans and coordinates every moving part of customer’s finances

Witnessing clients being charged excessive fees/commission and receiving little value in return, Kunal Mehta, a person with excessive knowledge and experience in wealth management and corporate finances, decided to establish RITI Investment & Consultancy, a company that intends to offer a single go-to advisor platform which proactively plans and coordinates every moving part of customer's financial lives.

Incepted in 2009, RITI is a company that prides itself on transparency,
listening before acting and serving as a steward for their customers' financial security. "At RITI, we believe that planning can encompass a vast number of topics. This is the reason why our planning process begins with asking questions and listening. For some clients this takes one meeting, for others it might take three. Our goal is to understand our clients' objectives. Once we do, we analyze all the information and go about creating a plan unique to the situation. Aiming to provide lifetime guidance, we assist with plan implementations and henceforth proactively monitor the plan to ensure that it is always supporting customers' objectives," speaks Kunal Mehta, Proprietor, RITI Investment & Consultancy.

Keeping Up With the Change
As one moves through life's stages their needs, preferences, priorities and risk profile also changes and so does their investment strategy. The highly professional and skilled team of RITI understands this, and thus offers proactive planning strategy that embraces changes in economic as well as market conditions and determines whether any modifications are required in one's investment plan. Having a flexible process that evolves along with the customers' needs allows RITI to minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. "We are also working towards a custom communication schedule in order to capture any life changes and provide any necessary planning
Arun Narasani,Chairmanupdates. The online Wealth Portal will serve as an easy to use platform to track and manage customer's accounts and important documents in one convenient and secure location. We will continually stay on top of changes to the tax code, mortgage rates and other financial barometers to determine how one might benefit," shares Kunal. Today, RITI Investment & Consultancy is already a renowned name in the financial advisory sector. About 100 percent of RITI's clients boast that RITI's financial planning exercise is comprehensive and it would help them achieve their financial goals, most of the clients would recommend RITI to their friends and family, and close to 60 percent of these clients rated their overall experience as "excellent" and about 40 percent had a good experience working with RITI Investment & Consultancy. Closing the conversation, Kunal said, "In future we wish to grow the financial resources of Indian families and fulfil their needs for savings, investment, insurance, tax, housing and estate planning."